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My Truth 365_20 – Authentic Unity

For years, I felt awkward and out of place in social settings, on the job, and at church. I believed that people did not understand me; especially my close acquaintances. Either I was too intense or aggressive or simply did not fit in. So, I learned to wear masks to fit in and get people to see and hear me.

When Tupac Shakur said, “You can’t be me or see me.” I understand what he meant. There was so much more to him than people realized. The surface stuff about THUG Life was what people got hung up on. Unfortunately, after a while, he started to act out what people judged him to be.

I knew my TRUTH, but I did not know how to communicate it to others. They judged my decisions (still do). I had a vision for where I wanted my life to go but seemed incapable of heading in the right direction. Why? I was looking in the rear-view mirror and feeling sorry for myself.

Without referencing or blaming my past situations or circumstances, suffice it to say, I was NOT living authentically. It took years to realize the significance of my backstory and how it would help me in the future. Once I took the time to assess what mattered most to me and how I wanted to ‘show up’ in life, things started to change in a positive way.

I found my authentic voice and shed the masks intended to please others. I use my voice to champion the causes that matter to me. I elevate my voice by speaking publicly, writing, blogging, and workshop facilitation. It’s about motivating and inspiring others to do the same. There is power in unity. For this reason, I founded the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop.

I love it when women get together and share their Truths!

The objective of the workshop is to motivate and inspire women to find, use, and elevate their authentic voice by completing a personal core values survey and taking the necessary steps to evaluate whether or not they are walking and talking in alignment with those values.

For more information about the workshop or if interested in an online workshop, email me at We meet in Mesa, AZ every 3rd Sunday of the month.

It is a process that each woman must go through for herself. Being a part of a TRIBE makes it easier along the way. The TRIBE supports all women who show up ready to do the work it takes to live their BEST LIFE!

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