My Truth 365_21 – The Yearning

Founding the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop is evidence of walking in my purpose. Yesterday, my emotions were stirred a bit when women shared how the TRIBE is helping them to reconcile feelings and grow personally. There is nothing better than tasting the fruits of your labor.

“If you don’t change nothing but one person’s life, you’ve served your purpose …”

Billionaire PA

Over the years, I started, stopped, and doubted myself enough to appreciate where I am today. Read the backstory. The passages in my numerous journals are consistent. I have a purpose to serve and I must walk it out! There is a yearning that won’t quit. One that I have learned to respect more and more each day.

The relentless call-to-action that I experience is what gets me up in the morning. It is what forces me to pay attention to not only my life but the that of others all around me. It’s how I know when to show up and be a blessing in someone else’s life.

I am not the only one who has this experience.

What wakes you up with excitement?

What have you yearned to do for a long while but have not begun?

How much do you believe in yourself?

I invite you to ponder these questions and share a comment or two below.

I couldn’t be happier about my decision to show up at the Women Powered Up Experience two years ago. I was in the room to serve as a volunteer, but for me, it was a life changing experience.

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