My Truth 365_27 – Action

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In my TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop, a  significant part of your authentic VOICE is Charity.   How can you serve others authentically?

I speak about this because when I was stuck in my “stuff” over the years, I always wanted to tell someone about it.  My problems, Mommy issues, relationship woes, and so on.  Well, subconsciously I was looking for some salve to heal my wounds to come out of the mouth of the listener. 

Instead, they just looked and listened.  Sometimes, they threw a few words at me to make me feel better, but what I really felt was the superficiality of those words.  Now I am not saying that I don’t appreciate them or what they were trying to do, but the truth is, they couldn’t help me or stop my wallowing.   

I needed to do that on my own.   

Now, after years of self-work and introspection, I clearly see what was happening.  In fact, when I am talking to women who are sharing their stuff with me – I carefully consider how to respond (so that it isn’t superficial, but instead of lifting them up).  No, literally! I want them to get up and take ACTION! Change their situation, make decisions, let go of people if necessary.  Do what it takes to move on the continuum of life.   

The best gift I can give is the lesson of how to change…I can’t change it for you. 

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