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My Truth 365_29 – The TRIBE

A few TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop members. The TRIBE represents the fulfillment of my dream of helping women!

Over the years, I have stopped and started building upon my dream of helping others. There were times when my life was in turmoil, but I never lost sight of there is something more I should be doing. There is a difference I must make. I knew it but wasn’t always sure what that should look like.

One thing I know now, is that it was a requirement that I remain focused on the prize. That is to walk out my divine destiny. I believe we all serve a purpose. That purpose is the prize. When we fulfill that purpose, we do what is needed to serve others.

Whether I was dealing with turmoil or not, I knew that there was something greater than my issues that needed to be served. I also knew that every one of my experiences served to build my base to answer a higher calling in my life.

What is the calling in your life that you are hesitating to answer?

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