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My Truth 365_30 – Winning

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Rocky’s theme song was the first thing I heard in my mind as I awoke this morning. It’s safe to say that I woke up winning!

Yesterday was a very productive day, yet one of the most difficult as a classroom teacher. I went to bed pleased with how much I had accomplished but frustrated with the behaviors my students exhibited. Like in the Rocky movie franchise, I’ve taken a serious beating (metaphorically speaking) for most of my life, but I always seem to emerge victorious in the nick of time.

Today was a much better day. All day I approached and observed my surroundings with a fresh set of lenses. When you feel good, your lenses are clearer. My Middle School students had me thinking about their futures and the people they will grow up to become. I realize that many of them do not wake up winning.

I desperately want to transfer my strong feelings of winning in life to them. I know that realistically there is so much more to it. Also, I can not wish it upon them. They will each have a journey unique to them. All I can do now is plant seeds of hope.

I want them to know that if life knocks you down, you have time to get back up before the final count. The only condition is that you MUST believe that statement to be true. If you don’t believe it, then it will never be your reality. I really want my students to believe it. I want them to win.

How often do you wake up winning?

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