My Truth 365_31 – The False Front

Retinal Scan

For years, I maintained a posture that I thought pleased everyone around me.  My friends, boss, co-workers, church family.  I tried to be a superwoman for all.  The problem is, it cost me greatly because the energy it took to maintain the false front (mask) depleted the other areas of my life that needed it the most.   

It is significant to feed everything you are created to be on a continuous basis.  If you spend time and energy on the wrong efforts, you basically deplete your storehouse of the necessary resources to build on the life you were divinely intended to live.   

The false front I maintained for many years was to be what others wanted – neglecting what I wanted or needed to fulfill my divine birthright.  I know I was divinely destined to ‘speak life’ over others. It is my responsibility!

What were you destined to be or do in life? Are you there yet?

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