My Truth 365_32 – Redefining lit

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Student says, “Ms. Lyons, I just realized that all of my reading teachers have been pretty lit.”

Ms. Lyons responded, “Yeah, lit is for literature, right?”

Student replies, ” Oh, that’s what’s up!”

Proud moment in The Lyons Den
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Rap has also given us a new meaning of lit. In the last ten or so years, lit has transitioned from being applied to the act of intoxicating (“gonna get lit”) to the environment of those who are lit (“party’s lit”). The wildness of such parties has led to lit gaining the meaning “exciting,” as well as a broader meaning along the lines of “excellent” (“Leslie Jones’s commentary on the Olympics was lit”). We have evidence of the “exciting” and “excellent” meanings way back to 2004, and earlier use is likely—slang is often spoken long before it’s written down.

I am pleased to be considered a pretty lit reading teacher.

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