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You CAN Be Your Own Inspiration

Every day I seek inspiration. Sometimes it’s a rose bush, a billboard, a unassuming commentary, or a simple wave of gratitude that crosses my mind. I’m always open to the fuel of inspiration. This post that I’m reblogging is confirmation that you can be your own inspiration.

Daily Tidbits

Watching television, reading newspaper articles, browsing over inspirational books and listening to motivational speakers are various ways of honing inspiration.

Whether it may be something that’s sparks creativity. Or the little push you needed to get out of bed to start the day. Admit it we all need this uplifting boost called INSPIRATION.

It was the start of the week and I greeted the day right with a hearty breakfast. To cap it off, I even wore something new—newly bought from the store. Oh how that boosted my good mood even more.

Part one

As I downed my hot chocolate, a popular segment on tv was playing. I wasn’t paying much attention to what the host were saying until the guest of that segment began to share his life story.

To make the long story short. It was about a man who built his Automobile Servicing Empire with only a…

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