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Let Freedom Ring (Reprise)

I am a fan of this poet for sure! I really had to share this one.

Timeless Classics


Are you free to read your choice,
To opinions give your voice
Publicly your thoughts to write?
Do it while it’s still your right!

Are you free to dress in ways
Which your own esthetic please?
Take those garments off the shelf
Go today dressed as yourself!

Are you free abroad to roam
Or, by choice, to stay at home
Whichever your pref’rence be?
In either one a blessing see!

Full of holes though it might be
There is a safety net for me
Provided by society
Which I repay most gratefully

By exercising liberty,
Doing the work which able be
In order to preserve the one
And get the other timely done

Such a policy seem wise
Existing freedoms exercise
The while our finest efforts bring
Continue to let freedom ring

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