My Truth 365_37 – Caffeine Headache Extraordinaire

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Day 1 of 21 – My health and wellness mindfulness experience was not that bad after all. I spent most of the day thinking about thinking (meta-cognition) about food and eating.

Yesterday, I was super-mindful of the fact that I did not have my morning cup of coffee! Why? Because my headache told me so.

I typically begin my day with coffee on the way to work. My favorite is the extra large cup of House Blend Circle K coffee, filled 1/3 of the way with vanilla creamer (packed full of sugar). My students had begun to recognize my hyperactivity on the days of coffee vs. the days I was running too late to grab some.

I don’t believe I have to write much about the harmful effects of the sugar laden creamer. One could argue that coffee itself isn’t all that bad, but the creamer is a whole different story. I am not really a coffee drinker because I will not drink it black! So, while my body (physiologically) misses the caffeine, my addictive self misses the sugar in the creamer more.

As I pay close attention to my body, I realize that head and body aches is the way it communicates with it’s host. I know enough to know that this too shall pass. I must remain disciplined and mindful of what is best for my body.

Not only did I forego caffeine yesterday, but I reduced the sugar and had no flour products. I can do it! Yes!

Please comment any suggestions or words of encouragement below.

Peace and blessings,


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