My Truth 365_39 – You Find What You Are Looking For

My mindfulness journey is going deeper than I realized it would. When you are mindful of everything you use your five senses to process, it becomes an amazing expedition. I wonder why I wasn’t automatically mindful throughout my life (more about that later).

Now, I’m consciously seeing people, places, and situations clearer than ever! I am also able to take better responsibility for the role I play in society. My self-awareness is becoming keener. Thinking back I realize how I caused some situations to go bad because I reacted without being mindful.

These last few days have been a true experiment. It isn’t mental jousting. It’s just taking the time to think before responding and clearing the fog on my internal lenses. I know when I’m responding based on some fear or insecurities. When I catch myself doing it, I effectively and efficiently reframe the situation or circumstance and the results are astonishing.

What I’ve learned from intentionally practicing mindfulness is that a person will find what they are looking for – good or bad. The key is to look for the good.

I have so many renewed perspectives! Now I’m on the hunt for more good! This is truly authentic living.

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