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My Truth 365_40 – Let Go

I realize that I have spent a great deal of time in my life ruminating over past mistakes, and what people think of me.
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I realize that I have spent a great deal of time in my life ruminating over past mistakes, and what people think of me. Always asking myself: Am I doing the right things? Am I being what I need to be? Am I saying the right words? Do I look the right way? All misguided efforts that stem from a chaotic and dysfunctional childhood rooted in the need for approval while seeking loving and meaningful attention.

This morning I awoke thinking about how important it is to just simply let go of that which you have no control. Meaning, people’s perceptions, their issues projected on to you, and the need to be a piece in their life puzzle. Holding on signifies worrying and it takes energy to try and fit into something not intended for you to begin with.

Freeing yourself of mental or physical responsibilities that don’t belong to you, is simply liberating. As I take in my surroundings and process how I relate to it all, I am able to see how I have been expending energy unnecessarily. It isn’t easy to make this shift. It takes a lot of practice and self-talk.

If you are wondering HOW to LET GO, the solution is based on a one-word question. Why?

Why does the situation or circumstance matter? In fact, I now dissect everything with that question. It is simply amazing what you can do with the answer to that powerful question. Sometimes, you have to keep asking the question in response to each of your subsequent answers. Why? Why? Why?…

This is digging deep until you get to the root of the thing. However, it is required that you:

  • be honest with yourself
  • be willing to stop immediately
  • listen to your inner Spirit
  • reframe it in your mind
  • and create a new authentic path that serves your Spirit

I began my 21 Day Mindfulness Journey concerned with my food issues and am now realizing that food is not the issue. It’s only the pacifier. Letting go of the stuff that weighs me down is the real issue. This is my authentic voice.


  1. Ooooh. So good. I totally relate. Food can be a numbing device — just a way to avoid feeling. For me, I really had to FEEL the pain of old childhood hurts instead of ignoring them. I really needed to bring light to past events and process the bottled emotions in order to let them go. Crying, journaling, talking, and therapy helped tremendously. Now feeling so much lighter and freer — like I’ve got way more energy available for positive uses!

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