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My Truth 365_42 – Physically Tired

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Still here! My truth is I missed posting yesterday because I was simply physically too tired to do anything but come home from a day in the classroom and rest.

Sunday, I had the worse acid reflux ever! I couldn’t eat food, I felt like anything I did consume would come back where it came from with haste. In fact, that is what happened when I tried to eat some baked chicken. It was all bad.

Yesterday was Monday. I contemplated calling off sick from teaching. That lasted for less than a minute. I hate to be away from my students. I went in and braved it. I realize that I was badly dehydrated because I could not even drink water due to the condition of my esophagus.

I woke up this morning and remembered that I missed my post yesterday. Initially, I was really bummed out and mentally boxing with the fact that my daily streak is now interrupted. I even considered backdating this post. But why? Who would I need to do that for? Still practicing mindfulness – so I realized that would be nonsense.

I consciously decided to get back on track and not worry about anything. I needed every bit of the rest I got yesterday. There are no regrets. It made me stronger – I feel so much better today!

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