My Truth 365_43 – Governing Board

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Every second Tuesday of the month our School District’s Regular Meeting of the Governing Board is held at 5:30pm.

We celebrated Student of the Month Awards and the fact that the Middle School received the Global Grid for Learning Grant (3 years – $150,000).

The Governing Board approved our new Districtwide Bullying/ Harassment/ Intimidation Handbook as well as Key Strategic Objectives and Key Strategic Measures.

This month I decided to take the opportunity to make a public comment at the end just prior to adjournment.

Dr. Paul and I spoke in Connecticut (at the National Indian Education Association Conference) about “A New Norm Beyond 8th Grade.” I see it coming because our students are now beginning to use their authentic voices – this leads to future success. There are many ways to measure the success of our students in addition to State Standardized Testing…

except from Davina Lyons public comment to the SESD #18 Governing Board 2/12/19

My Truth is I serve as a teacher with a higher calling – to foster a growth mindset and resiliency in my students. They must be “game changers” for themselves, their families, and the overall community. It’s definitely heavy lifting, but I know at least one or two of them will be the spark that lights a path for many to follow long after I am gone.

I am blessed to be able to teach, inspire, and motivate my students to find, use, and elevate their authentic voices too!

Momma Lyons

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  1. clarencelyons2407 says:

    Very nice Well done👍


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