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My Truth 365_45 – Valentines Day

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Although Valentines Day is defined as a time to celebrate your love with a sweetheart, I find it to be a day where love is heightened and an opportunity to be celebrated by all.

The positive energy amongst those I encountered today made me giddy and excited. From the time I stepped on the playground for early morning duty at the Middle School until the end of the day, I received tokens of love and appreciation.

This is not evidence-based research but my own general observations. Because I am practicing mindfulness, I was much more aware of the way people interacted on this day. There seemed to be more smiles, laughter, eye contact, consideration for others, and obviously random gifting.

My students really surprised me:

It was made even more special because of a field trip to tour one of the local high schools that many of our students will be going to. There I was blessed to see many of the former students that I love. There were so many times where they snuck up behind me to surprise me. I would see them, yelp and hugs followed by more laughter was the way it went.

My Truth on this Valentines Day is that I realize how much I mean to many of my students. I fill a very important space in their hearts and Valentines Day allows them the opportunity to express their gratitude for it. In turn, they do the same for me.

I can’t tell you how much chocolate candy I ate today…yes, I was mindful of every morsel! It was a very happy day today.

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