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My Truth 365_46 – Procrastination and a Sense of Urgency

My Truth today begs the question: what is taking me so long to publish my first book?

My Truth today begs the question: what is taking me so long to publish my first book?

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Truth is, I have procrastinated when it comes to writing and publishing a book. I have stopped and started the process for years! Can anyone relate?

So is procrastination a good thing? Only by accident. If you put off something purposefully because you think it’s a good idea to delay, you’re not procrastinating. You’re scheduling or prioritizing, sometimes just to feel the motivational thrill of doing it all at the last moment. Procrastination is when you planned or felt that you should have done the thing earlier, and then delayed anyway. In short, it is putting off despite expecting to be worse off.

Ironically, I have been firm about the book title; I just haven’t settled into the content. Well, that isn’t totally it – I have all of the chapters outlined and numerous aspects of the content have been captured in my blog. The real task is to pull it all together – package and put a bow on it.

There are times when I say to myself that I am glad I have not finalized the book yet because there are situations and circumstances that arise causing me to believe they would be included in my first book. Meanwhile, time is passing.

Occasionally, I have this rush of feeling a sense of urgency to finalize the book and get it published. Those are the moments when something triggers me to think about all the good my book would do. Then, I become hyper-vigilant about recording my thoughts and building on the outline. After a little time passes, I slip back into the mode of procrastination.

One of the reasons I began My Truth 365 is to hold myself accountable for my dreams and goals. To be transparent about the strenuous path and process for someone like me is necessary to model so others can say, “Wow, I go through that too!” If not a book project, then what is it for you that is a big audacious goal yet delayed due to your procrastination?

Today was definitely a hurry up and get it done kind of day. In fact it will be my primary focus this weekend, aside from preparing for the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop.

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