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My Truth 365_49 – Quitting LIFE…

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It’s always too early to quit.

Norman Vincent Peale

Today, my Truth is perseverance. As I reflect upon my life, I’ve consistently strived to achieve. I don’t always know why… I just knew I would never quit. I may have changed courses or delayed but I didn’t quit. Always with a goal to serve mankind.

There are numerous things I started and did not finish along with my journey. For instance, I quit every Network / Multi-Level Marketing opportunity I ever encountered. They always began with big hype and I met it with enthusiasm, but soon realized there were aspects of it I was not willing to participate in.

I use this example because it is the one thing I quit numerous times throughout my life. The list is long: Mary Kay Makeup, Jafra Makeup, Tupperware, Melaleuca, ACN, and Thrive and some I can no longer remember I am sure. However, there are thousands of people who have met huge success and do well with all of these. It’s just not for me.

As I reflect upon why it’s not for me, I realize that I have a difficult time with anything I perceive to be inauthentic. Like organized religion, it may be good for many but damaging for some – because of the people who administer it. I tend to focus on the people and not the product. As soon as I am met with FAKENESS, I am done.

The other issue is, I do not like pressuring people to do anything. If you want the product or the service, then I would love to provide it or serve you, but I will not stretch myself to convince you. I believe that many of the tactics used to “convince” people are disingenuous and I can’t be a part of it.

I have no regrets about the decisions to stop those ventures. I know that I started each of them because I needed extra money. The allure of making money “while you sleep” sounds good. The thing is, I did not sleep well or at all when I was trying these opportunities. So I quit.

…one of my biggest fears is dying with regret. The regret of not knowing what I could have accomplished but didn’t because I was scared, didn’t work hard enough or gave up when it got tough.


The quitting I am referring to has to do with LIFE. Giving up by doing everything that depletes instead of feeding your Spirit. Making decisions that bring about bad karma (if you believe in this notion), self-medicating to numb the pain, avoiding responsibilities, and escapism are all examples of what I am referring to.

I know that fear seems to be at the root of most people’s problems. Fear paralyzes people. This Truth came to me today because I am seeing more and more children (especially my students) trying to quit. With so many years ahead of them, they want to give up. This is dreadful to me.

The best reason I can come up with is a lack of hope. If there is nothing to hope for, it is easy to quit. I always hoped to do what I am doing now – inspire and motivate people. I never passed over an opportunity to do that – whether in my corporate career, or entrepreneurial ventures. It has always been my goal.

When Life Coaching became a structured thing you can do, I was delighted to be a part of that community. It’s all about inspiring and motivating people to achieve whatever they desire to. It’s like the sports coach who can’t get in the game and play but definitely is needed on the sidelines.

I am forever on the sidelines and rooting for those who stay in the game of LIFE.

Peace and blessings,


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