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My Truth 365_51 – True Transformation

Transforming your thoughts and feelings is the true route to transforming your life.

I have learned that for every negative thought I have, there is a stinking weed that needs to be pulled. Over the course of my life, I have had to pull those weeds quite often. Now, I infrequently have to be concerned with that.

My thoughts are truly transformed. In fact, when I hear something negative coming out of my mouth, I recognize it right away. For example, today, I was talking to a colleague on the telephone. She called to notify me that an announcement will be made concerning the students.

I responded with, “…anyone with common sense would know…”

She replied, “Well, I didn’t… because…”

I immediately realized the error in making the statement I made and apologized profusely. She said she did not take offense to it, but I did. It hurt me that I said something so judgemental and callous. I am mindful of transforming into someone who considers the feelings of others at all times, not just when it is convenient.

I am mindblown when I reflect upon all the rude things I have said to people over the years and walked away feeling as if I had a right to say it. Ego might have won, but my Spirit took an unnecessary jab. Ego is misleading and hurtful to the inner Spirit if not managed.

When someone else says something that is offensive or triggering, I am learning that it is not necessary for me to match wits with them. It only keeps the situation at a low frequency. My new survival tactic is to remain silent until the moment passes. My mother tests me all the time without knowing that is what she is doing.

I can not change her at this stage in life. I have to navigate around her ways and continue to love and respect her as my mother. She is hilarious at times. She will say something negative about something or someone and wait for my response.

When I am silent, she will say, “…hello, you there?”

I respond, “Yes, I am here.”

My Truth today is I am mindful of the need to undergo a lasting and true life transformation. When you truly transform, you are aligned in your Spirit and consistently feel good about what you say and do – or you remain silent.

Peace and blessings,


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