I must agree that trading your authenticity for approval is not a good thing! I love this and definitely had to share with my readers.


The most extravagant indulgence is to share
time with people and causes for whom we care,
doing our daily chores with real flair.
Being ourselves if only we dare!

Being comfortable in our own skin is rare
Express yourself by the clothes you wear
don’t mind if others choose to stare
it’s because they envy our ability to bare

Our inner self, for them it’s a nightmare
fearful of the public glare
always needing to be part of a pair
having things just right, even their hair

But how is that really fair?
Their self-worth so fragile, easy to tear
don’t waste your life with things unfair
Be yourself and ‘present’, always there!

image is from the net –  Extravagant

I am exhausted but ecstatic, today I relocated to a nice quiet bush block

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