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My Truth 365_53 – Wisdom Tooth

Who still has their wisdom teeth?

The wisdom tooth has nothing to do with knowledge or intelligence.

Waiting … Mouth aching so much I want to scream.

Today was the day! I awoke to a sore mouth that only got worse as time passed. Before I arrived at the school, my top and bottom teeth could not touch on the right side of my mouth or I would be in indescribable pain.

In my 20’s my left side top and bottom wisdom teeth were extracted. At the time, I was advised that my right side would be fine because there would now be more space in my mouth and the teeth will adjust as needed. Fast forward to the present time – the right-side bottom wisdom tooth is infected and hurts like hell!

As soon as the students left (thank goodness for early release on Friday’s) I was out of there and headed to an oral surgeon. I did my best to maintain as I taught all four 40 minute blocks of my students. They clearly felt sorry for me. Some students even admonished others to get on task and go easy on Momma Lyons.

I begged to be put to sleep for this procedure.

Impossible! I had food in my stomach and no one to drive me home. You must have an empty stomach before they can knock you out with anesthesia. I am sure having anything in your stomach somehow jeopardizes you while under. Oh well, I had no choice but to comply.

The next best thing is Nitrous Oxide. I couldn’t do anything when I felt that sharp needle in my already raw and painful gums near the wisdom tooth. I yelped and frightened the patient in the chair next to me, but my body was still relaxed. After a few seconds, I could no longer feel anything.

The tooth was out! Simple and quick! The doctor stated it should have come out years ago. I give them 5 Stars for getting me through such a traumatic experience… I definitely have a dental phobia.

Who still has their wisdom teeth?


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