To All Ourselves (Reprise)

Reblogging this poem by Ana Daksina (one of the greatest poets alive in my opinion)! Please check out her blog and consider making a donation. Peace and blessings, Davina

Timeless Classics


Sister self, you sit back down
I got somethin’ here to say
Not enough smile, too many frown
Don’ like to see you go that way

Why do you always feel you might be
Some kind of unworthy of
The sweetest kind of treasuring,
The most passionate love?

You think that you’ve done something worse
Than all these women goin’ by?
Honey, that’s a good one
I’d just like to see you try!

Girl in that corner? She a witch
Feeds on her lovers’ mis’ry of
Girl in that one? She’s a bitch
Who walks all over love

The one behind you is the kind
Who slips her mama poisoned milk
Alarmingly, the bar behind
Is of similar ilk

Have you noticed it’s not the girls
Dressed up in the latest style
That love-starved young men swarm to
But she with the warmest smile

The kindest disposition,
The most…

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