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My Truth 365_61 – Prioritizing Relationships

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After reading the article, Demi Moore Talks About Changing Her Life After Her Health ‘Took Me Down’ 7 Years Ago, it occurred to me that I too am going through a change.

I know it makes me extremely vulnerable to share this information, but I have no problems with perceived vulnerability.

In the last few weeks, my body has been speaking to me louder than ever. I feel so many aches and pains daily. I have had dental issues, unbearable foot pain (hurting like crazy this very moment after a day of standing and teaching), esophageal re-flux and now pneumonia.

A part of My Truth is I have a long history of chronic health issues that stems from my childhood (more to come on this topic in a future post).

Another part of My Truth is that I binge eat and yo-yo diet which has caused issues with weight gain. The first response I get from people when I mention my physical pain is ‘lose weight and it will get better.’ I don’t dispute that fact; however, I know that thin people have physical pain too. I digress and this is my defensive mode.

Demi highlights in the article the importance of prioritizing relationships over what she does for a living.

During my days of being bedridden while battling the onset of pneumonia, I realized that I lacked the desire to do anything, especially blogging or social media. I just wanted to experience ‘me time’. My thoughts consistently drifted off to what would happen if I were no longer around. I questioned whether or not I really contribute to this world and other off the wall thoughts to pass the time.

Prioritizing Relationships

Truthfully, I am just starting to work on this one… regardless of my history of having issues with my mother, it is a priority to speak with her daily. She needs to hear from me and know that I care about her – especially at this stage in her life.

In addition to being around to take care of my mother, my son is a definitely a reason to take care of my health. If I spend a moment thinking of not being around for my son it tears me apart. I have to figure this health thing out for his sake as well as my own. My relationship with my son is so precious! He is the divine gift that I was given after losing five babies.

What about you? Are you prioritizing what you do over relationships? Are you taking time to smell the roses? Are you putting your life experiences in proper perspective?

Peace and blessings,



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