Spitting the Bitterness Out

Reblogging another Ana Daksina poem. I relate to it as bitter TRUTH.

Timeless Classics


Bitter the taste
Of free counter lunches
Bitter the glances
Of those you walk by
Clustered together
In protective bunches
In case to attack
One of them you might try

Bitter the guard
In the cheap sleazy store
Who searches each item
In each bag before
He’s positive you
Have nothing up your sleeve
And can be permitted
The premises leave

Bitter the fear
Of the people you know
Or knew at one time
Now so distant they grow
Bitter the line
Strikes each one from your book
As you gently let them
Off of friendship’s hook

Bitter assumptions
That you’re on the make
That you’re always out
From acquaintances take
Everything that isn’t
Safely nailed down
Sure that you’re planning
To take it to town

Bitter the offers
Of help and of aid
Assuming of course
They are going to get laid
And bitter the feedback
When you…

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