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My Truth 365_62 – The Risk of Being Vulnerable

In my last post, I stated that I have no problems with perceived vulnerability. Reason being, I have learned that vulnerability is about risk-taking. I am comfortable with risk because many times over it has worked in my favor. Now, my philosophy is, “Why not? Let’s go!”

Happy Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago today, I was nervous and anxious about launching the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop (TAW). I was preparing my opening presentation and hoping it would resonate strongly with the women who needed it most.

I had a vision of creating a safe space for women to explore finding, using, and elevating their authentic voice. As my mind conceived the notion, it also entertained the thoughts of how vulnerable I would become if I launched this idea and no one showed up.

They Came and Are Still Coming…

Each month at the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop, I share a bit more of my story as it is relevant. Women come and share theirs as well. They also are better able to identify what matters most to them and what they stand for. This is critical for functioning authentically in a world where many are misrepresenting themselves in search of acceptance from others.

There were a few months this past year when hardly anyone showed up . I almost stopped facilitating the TAW Workshop, but the TRIBE of faithful attendees encouraged me to keep going. As long as one woman expresses a need, I will stay the course for her.

Next Sunday, March 17th we will celebrate the one year anniversary of the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop! The workshop will be held at 2 pm – 4 pm, located at 126 W. Main Street, Mesa, Arizona.

How have you risked being vulnerable in your life? What was the outcome of that vulnerability?

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