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My Truth 365_63 – Living the Dream

In one of former job positions, when someone asked me how my workday was going, I would respond, "Living the dream!" It was a sarcastic joke.

In one of former job positions, when someone asked me how my workday was going, I would respond, “Living the dream!” It was a sarcastic joke.

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The point is, I wasn’t living according to my dreams. In fact, I was so far away from what I had dreamed my life would be like, I couldn’t remember what the dream was.

When I reflect back on those days of workplace dissatisfaction, I wonder why I did not change it sooner. I guess I was too comfortable to make that change. I was in a zone of safety. Doing what I knew to do was easy even if it was not pleasurable most days.

I remember always analyzing how my career measured up in terms of serving a greater good in our society. That has always been important to me. Am I contributing to the societal bottom line? Am I making a real or significant difference? Is what I am doing helping or hurting someone in some way?

When I worked for a credit card company, I kept thinking that credit cards put people in debt for the most part, and that is hurting people. When I worked for a for-profit college, I thought about all of the people in debt with student loans who weren’t a good fit to be signed up to begin with (not my role, but I felt responsible anyway).

The only job I felt positive about my contribution was healthcare medical management. I worked for an HMO when they were not popular. At the time, I loved approving ancillary medical services for patients. I could see the benefit there, but I hated when I wasn’t allowed to approve something I believed the patient genuinely needed. For the sake of “controlling costs” I had to deny services at times.

Now, I am a teacher. I see the benefit of what I am doing every day in the classroom and students come back to visit me and tell me about the impact I have made on their lives. Recently, someone asked me how my day was going and I responded, “Living the dream!” This time, I meant it. It wasn’t sarcasm.

What about you? Are you living the dream? Do you remember what you dreamed of doing as a child? If so, how close are you to living that dream?


      1. As a community, I’m starting to see more posts reblogging and commemorating one another’s work. It’s a very healthy trend. I know I feel blessed and happy every time I get to forward someone’s good word to 500 more folks!

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  1. I sort of am doing what I have always dreamed of doing. But I think I am rethinking the dream, because I realize the toll it is taking on me too. So, I am in the conflict of continuing my long-time dream and giving up on it.

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      1. Well, the conflict is that my dream job is way too busy as its nature and it is not good for mental health. Seeing this situation is making me rethink my dream job, as I don’t want my mental health to go bad.

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      2. I understand. It’s good that you recognize your limitations and prioritize your health. I wonder what aspects of your dream job could you maintain that would not be stressful? Or, is there another angle to take that would satisfy what you are passionate about without creating stress or discomfort? Just thinking … whatever makes it your dream job is significant (why), perhaps the how needs to be reconsidered.

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      3. Those are what I am thinking about too! I don’t know the solution yet, because the stressful environment is not in my control and I am not sure if it is possible to survive healthily in it. I think for now, I have a few years to decide (until my PhD finishes). Then, I will decide whether I want to continue with this or not.

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