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My Truth 365__71 – Inner Harmony

Today, I will consciously focus on taming my inner voice to achieve inner harmony.
Courtesy of Pixabay

In the late hours of the night and early morning while alone my thoughts hold me captive. I am a thinker. I process rapidly; which means I move through volumes of information at an incomprehensible speed in my mind. Sometimes it good information. Other times, it is reinforcing the negativity I have been fed since childhood.

The world is a difficult enough place without having an internal enemy who is always willing and ready to discuss your shortcomings. By taming your inner voice to focus on the good in your life and on your positive attributes, you can gain an ally in yourself. The one constant in your life is you. Learn to live peacefully with yourself by being kind and compassionate in your self-talk. With discipline and practice, this will become second nature and self-doubt and self-criticism will become something of the past.

Dr. Perry Ph.D. – https://makeitultrapsychology.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/the-power-of-self-talk/

Because of recent events, I find myself focused on living peacefully by taming my inner voice and focusing on the good in my life. I have a lot more to contribute to society and cannot afford the distraction. I know my value and worth. I understand my mission and vision.

The reason I end most emails, letters, and blog posts with “Peace and blessings,” is I value inner harmony (peace) for everyone. I believe it starts within ones own self (mind). I hope for people to be blessed to find their purpose in life; thereby giving them something positive to think about.

Today, I will consciously focus on taming my inner voice to achieve inner harmony. I will walk and talk with a peaceful mindset focused on my mission of inspiring others to live authentically – in alignment with their personal core values.

How will you achieve inner harmony today?

Peace and blessings,


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