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My Truth 365_75 – Love Me…

I believe the survival of the human race depends on love.
Courtesy of Pixabay

Why can’t you just love me?

This question has become a mantra for me. When I asked my mother that question, I knew I would not get an answer. However, I was compelled to ask it because my brain is seeking a response. My survival depends on it. I believe the survival of the human race depends on love.

We are hardwired to survive.

Just about everything that humans have become serves that essential purpose [survival], in how we think, what emotions we experience, and the ways we behave and interact with others.

I’m not sure if in the last month I have experienced depression or anxiety. Either way, I had to fight my way through it.

Having yet another negative discourse with my mother was the tipping point for me. In my heart, I want to be there for her until she takes her last breath or I take mine. Unfortunately, we represent oil and water; therefore, the two of us will not allow that to happen.

I ask her why can’t she just love me, and she can’t answer.

Now, I ask myself, why can’t I just love me – and that be enough?

Peace and blessings,


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