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My Truth 365_76 – Compassion and Kindness

I vacillate between concern for children and that of adult women.

When I saw the meme pictured in this post, it really resonated with me. I’m not a licensed therapist or counselor – they definitely serve a purpose. Instead, I am an individual who is healthy enough to purposefully take myself to the next level by developing in the areas most needed.

Right now, I have a need to be kind to myself. I have recently been in a state of overwhelm.

I vacillate between concern for children and that of adult women. On one hand, I know that the trauma of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can significantly change the trajectory of a child’s life impacting them mentally and physically well into adulthood (researched and evidence based). The good news is, at any point on the continuum, a positive loving environment can return someone to their authentic state of being.

“Why can’t you just love me?”

At this point in the conversation, I returned to the past and the little girl within used her authentic voice. That wasn’t a present day question. The adult woman I am today, fully understands what I am dealing with.

Compassion for others…

I especially have compassion for the little girl within me that seeks to be loved. I finally realize that she is the driving force behind everything I do to serve women and children.

The little girl within me hasn’t stopped seeking love from her mother. The adult woman that I am today is fully aware of the importance of that little girl’s story and need for acceptance by her mother. The little girl within is not out to get me, or keep me stuck. She wants to empower and liberate me by sharing her story.

The little girl within does not want her story to hurt or minimize the adult woman that I am today. The duality we represent is bound and determined to help other women become empowered and liberated from the pain of their past to live authentically in their present.

Kindness to Self…

Moving forward, I must be mindful enough to focus on what I value, desire, and need to be whole and authentic. This requires daily affirmations. Healing from hurts, habits, and hangups is a process. Taking the time to be kind to ourselves begins that process.

My relationship with my mother has evolved over the years to the point that as the adult woman, I can handle the distant, disengaged and critical relationship we have. However, I now realize that the little girl within sometimes has difficulty with it.

This is a huge break-through for me!

Peace and blessings,


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