Education Kindness Motivation


The following poem was written for me by one of my gifted 7th grade students. It is profoundly insightful and touching. I am sharing this with her permission.

I’d say your a favorite, big time
Maybe to the point it should be a crime
I mean you’re okay
Just kidding
You’re pretty cool
But you’re no fool
You may be lenient
And it may be just convenient
That you’re also pretty strict when necessary
And all the weight you carry
With having to teach classes
Making sure everyone passes
I know it can be to where you want to scream
And that everything may not be what it seems
It may be harder than we thought
I know you’ve probably fought
The thought of not even trying anymore
To stop even trying to fight this war
Trying to give Rez Kids an education
But you keep trying even if there’s a hesitation
I encourage you to keep going
To keep doing what you’re doing
I thought you would need to know,
That you should continue to go…
Go the distance to help students
And try not to resent
Any of what you do
I’m sure you probably get through
To lots
Though they may have fought
I’m sure they’re grateful
And that there life may be fateful
I thank you for all you’ve done
You’ve been lots of fun



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