As you begin to awaken from within, the beauty of who you truly are begins to radiate outward. More often friends will recognize and call out your glow.

I have always been extremely open and flexible when it comes to change. It’s because I see change as a good thing. I see it as growth and a requirement for all living things.

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anaïs Nin

My awakening is allowing me to blossom in unimaginable ways. I awake daily with fresh perspective and an insatiable desire to help others awaken to their truth in living, not merely existing.

Peace and blessings!

My steps are ordered…

I have learned to TRUST my Guide in life.

I no longer worry or have fear about situations or circumstances out of my control.  I know that no matter what happens, my steps are ordered in the right direction as long as I do not fall prey to insignificant distractions.

I am on a mission to make a difference in this world.  I am not sure why that matters so much to me; yet, it does.  I am driven to get up and be counted as someone who helped others to live a more productive and fruitful life.

There are times when I try to sit still and be quiet – it doesn’t last long.

I was created for a PURPOSE and nothing or no one will stop that PROCESS.

Each day, I am given clues…it’s like my path is lit as I travel.  I do not completely see what are miles ahead, but definitely, I keep it moving!

I AM grateful.

All I Can Be…

There is so much more to teaching than showing up and sharing a lesson with the hope your students will get it.

It requires LOVE!

If it’s hard to genuinely care for each child in your classroom (even the behavioral ones), then it’s time to figure out why or simply leave.

In addition to teaching, I AM ALL I CAN BE for my students: TEACHER, MENTOR, COUNSELOR, and PARENTAL FIGURE. My teaching contract doesn’t require that explicitly but it’s understood that to truly be effective in my role, I must BE ALL I CAN BE! They need me…❤️


Faith Check

This morning, during meditation, I had to check my faith. Do my actions align with my faith? Do I make decisions based on my faith?

What YOU believe and whom YOU believe in may be personal but it’s pivotal on your JOURNEY to PURPOSE.

Today, I will consciously and intentionally walk according to my FAITH!

Life Patterns

I wanted to be a cheerleader, but that wasn’t in my life plan nor a good physical fit for me. For a moment I was disappointed. I quickly realized that what I had to offer was still a possibility. So I created a Pep Club to support the cheerleaders and school community.

I researched what it would take to create a club and went for it! I made daily public announcements, hosted a kickoff meeting, had t-shirts silk screened, and officially launched the club. This was 40 years ago in 1977.

I realize today – that life pattern hasn’t changed for me. Last year, as a teacher, I launched a drama club at my Middle School because I saw the need.

I see a gap – I fill it unapologetically! Over the years, this has served me well.

LOVE over Hate

I still LOVE PEOPLE in general. I resist hate. My heart is heavy because of those who are lost and confused, but I cannot let hate win.

I AM focused on making a positive contribution to this world. I was created to be a light and for GOOD. Yet some have allowed their light to dim and they can no longer see their way or what is right.

I do not blame others for my plight or that of any race. I see history as a lesson and not a reason to hate.

I pray for PEACE in this world!


Sunday Sonnet!

I love this and had to share it! "Speak gently, always, to yourself and me!"

Autumn Ambles



Speak to me gently when Life’s Light burns low
And hope of new tomorrows starts to fade,
I cannot bear to hear, ‘I told you so’,
Much less to have another me upbraid;
No need past failings, oversights recount,
Nor nourish feelings fountain of regret;
Too easily fine words concern discount,
Impeding gallant efforts to forget;
Much rather proffer understanding care,
By far more wholesome than disabling scorn,
Aware that none escape the tempter’s snare,
And all are left with misconduct to mourn!
That mortals, sans exception may feel free,
Speak gently, always, to yourself and me!

©Meanderings 2017


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Strength and Courage

The Lyons Den

On Monday, I will begin my 4th year of teaching Middle School English Language Arts at Sacaton Middle School in Sacaton Arizona in the Gila River Indian Community.  My classroom is known as The Lyons Den.  For many students, I am known as Mama Lyons.  I am honored to have this title.

Time passes unbelievably fast when you are a teacher.  I think it is because everything you do is time bound.  Nonetheless, I’m overjoyed to begin yet another year.  No matter what I do, there is nothing in comparison to the love I have for teaching.  Helping my students to learn and encouraging a growth mindset is my ultimate in satisfaction.

Yes, while it is also my purpose to educate and help transform the lives of adults (especially women), personally there is no greater reward than the privilege of sowing positively into young minds and helping to shape their futures.

As Mama Lyons, I have immense PRIDE in my students.

I have seen some amazing transformations from 7th-grade students blossoming into more mature and capable 8th-grade students.  All of the credit goes to them – I simply do my part by providing a safe academic place to flourish in a few minutes a day Monday through Friday.

I am not the only one – my colleagues do the same.  I teach alongside some dedicated and caring educators that are just as passionate as I am about giving and getting the BEST for our STUDENTS!

We all agree – 2017 is going to be a fantastic year!

Why you should always go after your dreams.

I had to share this message of encouragement to stop being afraid to pursue your dreams! Thank you Allie!


“Everything you want, is on the other side of fear.”
–  Jack Canfield

Sounds like Jack Canfield is a wise man! I believe he’s right. Everything you want, is in fact on the other side of fear. Everyone I know, wants something in life, even when they don’t yet exactly know what it is they want. But how easy is it to get what you want? Seems like mission impossible, doesn’t it? Because mostly, what we truly want, the things our heart desires, isn’t easy to reach. And because what we truly want, is mostly something we can only have a chance of getting as soon as you drop something else: the need to feel secure.

You see, you can plan out your whole life to make sure nothing goes wrong. You can make sure you’re always feeling secure, doing that job that you know you can do for the…

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Back to School

This week has been bitter sweet for me.  Over the summer, I really picked up momentum with the launch of my Speaking/Life Coaching business.  I have networked and met some wonderful people!  My brand is clearly defined; confident that I will succeed on my path to helping women transform their lives.

Today, I was thinking about how blessed I am.   I have a career that affords me the time to pursue my goals and purposefully achieve them.  In addition, I happen to LOVE my career as a teacher.  This part of my purpose is to serve young people (adolescents).

Although I have been physically exhausted every day after work this week, I am delighted to get ready for my students to return to school and I look forward to the year ahead!

I AM an Educator, Speaker, and Life Coach,