I AM passionate about motivating, inspiring, educating, and coaching adolescents and adults worldwide to live authentically!  

As an educator and entrepreneur, my core values are:

Operate with HarmonyI understand that the client journey is their journey. There are no right/wrong perspectives. I operate in agreement, with the pace, and within the space of the client. I coach/lead in an ask assertive (not tell) manner to help clients consider aspects of their life that may need further exploration.

Be Authentic I strive to uphold and represent the value of authenticity without imposing my views or judgment.

Courage to be TransparentI come to the table with a willingness to manage day-to-day with transparency, honesty, and respect.

Advocate for PeopleI work to inspire and empower with whom I interact.

Confidentialityprivacy is important. All client relationships will be held with the greatest confidence.

EducationI value ongoing personal development.