Authenticity is Knowing Who You Are and Being Courageous Enough to Live it!

The Rise Above Summit will be held Virtually (In Private FB Group), April 6-10, 2021.

Often we think about what we should do, but acting upon it falls by the wayside and we stay stuck. To take action is to...

I am a firm believer that decisions end confusion and courageously facing my fears allows me to move forward on the continuum of life.

Personal development is not an easy journey. You must be dedicated to the notion of living your best life. This means being willing to ask yourself the tough questions.

As the Authentic ME! Community, we explore our identities, what we have overcome and accomplished our lives to become connected in a way that enhances our personal ability to live a better life.

COLORCODE Red The focus this month for the Tribe Authentic Woman Workshop is personality. Your authentic personality is governed by your core motives or motivation. This is usually determined during […]

It’s year 3, and I am upping the level of commitment to the women I serve by focusing on building a caring, accountable community. As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, educator, […]

Inspiring Women's Stories of Strength and Success"Tell your story until it helps someone else overcome their story." ~Davina Lyons, Contributing Author

My absolute favorite pic! I haven’t always been consistent in my blog posting ( because often I over-analyzed my thoughts and could not get my feelings clear enough to sit […]