Life after 10 Day Mind & Body Detox

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Knowledge and understanding
Understanding is good
And when I wake up in the morning
All I hear in my hood is people saying that they’re
Beautiful, loved, blessed…


There are not enough positive words I can say about the way I feel now.  For once, I started something that I am confident I can maintain.  I decided to permanently forego dairy, flour/processed products, and refined sugar.  It has made a tremendous difference in how I feel thus far.


I have begun to exercise daily.  My energy level has increased to the point that I am able to be much more productive.  My moods don’t swing.  I have a heightened sense of awareness through all of my senses; especially taste and smell.  I use my inner VOICE to stay on track by reminding myself of where I want to be in life: mind, body, and spirit.

More to come…

Day 10 – Detox and the Future

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I love myself.

It’s 4:11 a.m. and I couldn’t wait to celebrate making it to the 10th day of the detox. It’s obvious, if I made it this far, there’s no reason I can’t fully embrace and maintain a lifestyle change.

The future of my health is very promising – because I listened to my VOICE and made a DECISION to just do it.

I promise myself to always love me enough to only consume proper nutrition. I have to take care of this body!

Thanks to Move with Mack for the inspiration and coaching to get me going!

Day 2 – Detox and Hunger

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I am HUNGRY!  Yes, it is only DAY 2.  I get that…yet there is something in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to run in the Golden Corral Buffet and eat everything in sight.  Is it really a physiological hunger or a mental hunger?  Is my body responding to the lack of caffeine and carbs that it craves?   Is it an authentic hunger or my body throwing a tantrum because I am breaking the patterns it has become accustomed to?  I would say it is a bit of both.

Last night before bed, I was so hungry I had to literally talk myself down off of a virtual ledge.  I wanted to go in that kitchen and eat some meat!  Perhaps it was the roast in the crock pot that everyone else in the house gets to eat.  I smelled it all night long in my sleep.   For breakfast this morning, I had a plant-based smoothie and more vegetable soup for lunch.

For dinner – a different batch of vegetable soup. I really need to follow the sample menus provided. Tonight, I’m not as hungry. I enjoyed dinner and participated in an online mastermind Course (week 2). I successfully made it through the day in the classroom and a busy evening. I’m grateful to stay the course.

My authentic voice keeps me committed.  I know the repercussions of giving up – even for a moment’s satisfaction.  Some experts will say, “Go ahead and satisfy your cravings; but be sure to get back on course.”  Well, that DOES NOT work for me.  Instead, I go bananas and can’t get back on course.

My authentic V.O.I.C.E. reminds me:
  • to value my life more by taking care of my physical self.
  • that this is the golden opportunity I have been waiting for.  To do this in a community like Move with Mackhas created is a blessing!
  • that my intuition is that inner spirit telling me in my moments of weakness that I was created purposefully, and I have too much to do and share than to succumb to poor health.
  • the importance of charity – sharing my experiences with others in hopes they will be inspired to walk this same journey towards improved health and wellness.  It is not just about me.  If it were, there would be no need to share the experience.
  • I am totally engaged in my thoughts and every action I take throughout the day.  I AM present in the NOW.  This self-accountability piece is extremely important.  If you are fully engaged, you will not need any crutches

Today, I am grateful for my authentic voice!  Each day is a new opportunity to strengthen my VOICE.  If you need assistance with this notion and would like to strengthen your VOICE, let me know by clicking this link to the contact form.  I would be delighted to support you in finding and strengthening your VOICE!

What would you do if you had no fear?

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I am sharing this post because I personally know it to be true. Everything I have feared from a distance in the past began to change for me when I got up close and personal.

My biggest fear was of snakes. When I had to save one from being tortured by my students one day, that all changed. I saw it as a living creature that needed my help; irregardless of my fear.

This was a liberating experience.

Thriving Under Pressure


Run toward not away from the things that scare you the most. You’ll be surprised at how small they appear close up.

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What to do, What to do!

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I love what Evie is passionate about! I had to share her post because there is someone out there at her age and stage in life that can relate.


So…. I’m single. And I’m 29. Most people where in the state I live in would think that at this rate I might not ever get married. I honestly gave that choice up when I was 24. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get married and have children but it’s not in my timing. I started my first year of college in 2011 and I broke up with my boyfriend. I knew that my timeline (every woman has a time line, or most) was way off by 4 years at that point. The guys that I have chosen where not the best at all. At this point in my life I took a hard look at myself and realized that either I go into a complete circle with my life and what my idea of a good man and marriage will keep getting distorted or I take some time…

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Sharing Self-Love

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When you think about yourself, what comes to mind? Go ahead, close your eyes and just think about YOU, yourself, as a person in the world.. Ok, now was it positive or negative thoughts? If it was a positive thought, then I’m sure you always look for your good qualities and you’re an overall positive person no […]

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Focus on Consistency #7 – My Health

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A quick health accountability check!

I’m still THRIVING! I’ve been consistent!

It’s been 42 days (6 weeks) on the Thrive Experience.  It’s my key to optimum health – I feel incredible!

  • More energy by day than I have had in years; and the best sleep at night.  I actually can’t remember feeling as good physically as  I do now.
  • My mental clarity is definitely on point.  I am not getting confused or overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate.  Lesson planning for my students, promoting the Thrive Experience, growing my life coaching practice, and managing my household as a wife and mother.
  • Finally, the health issues I have had in the past seem to be going away.  I am not making any medical claims; just sharing my truth.  The inflammation and swelling that I have experienced for over 20 years- the same that doctors and medicine could not resolve, is no longer a problem for me.  The arthritis in my fingers is also gone!

I don’t know how it’s working or which ingredient is doing it; but I know how great I feel from the time I wake up until I go to bed!

The total Thrive Experience is 8 weeks… no doubt I will feel even better and be more productive two weeks from now.

For more information about Thrive and other Le-Vel products, go to the Le-Vel Facebook Fanpage at and see that I am one of thousands who have realized the benefits of these clean nutritionals.

Reply in the comments with your email address if you would like a NO OBLIGATION closer look at the products.

Peace and blessings!

Next level Thriving!

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It’s DAY 8…I have just as much energy today as yesterday and all the other days since I began the Thrive products.  Simply stated – I am THRIVING!!!

My students in the classroom are pointing out how much energy and fun I am now (more than ever).  I have always been an upbeat teacher.  But NOW! It’s on a higher level.  I believe my energy is exceeding theirs.  In fact, they are asking me for my Derma Fusion  Technology (DFT) patches, aka wearable nutrition.  It saddens me that I can’t share it with them, but it’s again school policy.  I totally respect that policy.

Last night, I attended a local Le-Vel conference.  I met some amazing people.  Like myself, they are full of energy and believe very strongly in promoting the Le-Vel brand.  It’s not only that for me.  It’s deeper!

img 2677

“The Thrive Experience”

It’s about a vehicle that helps others to make positive life changes concerning health and wealth!

Tonight, I am thrilled to be co-hosting my first information session.  I am inviting the whole world (or as many people possible) to join this call at 7pm (PST)/ 8pm (MST)/ 9pm (CST)/ 10pm (EST).  If you are not sure which one you are – Google it or ask SIRI.

The number is 712-451-0200, 144150#  Just dial in and mute your line!  No obligation at all!

I get to share my story and how I am THRIVING.

Also, feel free to visit my website: or the Le-Vel FB Fanpage at

Remember, it is better to THRIVE than merely survive!




Thriving Day 7

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I believe that “My One Word” lead me to the Le-Vel business and The Thrive Experience.

Today is DAY 7 – thriving! 

I’m feeling beyond fantastic. (I am not making any claims of being cured of a disease or medicated).  I simply FEEL wonderful!  I had no idea that I could feel this way after years of having swollen extremities and feeling overall sickly.

I have suffered from edema for many years.  This is due to inflammation in my body.  I am not sure of the cause.  I vaguely remember that it started in my 20s after I accidentally ran into a barrel cactus with sandals on.   The pain was unbearable at the time.  I could not walk or wear shoes for a few days.  Finally a long thorn emerged from one of my toes.  I pulled it out and the pain subsided.

Today, it occurred to me that I had not been swelling in the last week.  My inflammation has subsided.  I can tell because my body feels lighter and better overall.   I’m not making any claims that the Thrive products are healing me from a disease or anything like that – I must make that clear.  However, I have to keep it real and share how good I feel! 

Yes, I have tried other similar nutritional products represented by people I know and love.   I can, without a doubt, tell you that I never had the SUCCESS in such a short period of time as I have with The Thrive Experience.

It is not my intention to be a first round NFL draft pick!  The “NO FRIENDS/FAMILY LEFT” team is not one I want to be on.

However, it would be horrible if I did not share what I have with others.   Before I was ever introduced to The Le-Vel Company, it was my passion motivate and inspire other to thrive.  I’m in a better position now more than ever to represent something that is life-changing.   To see people improve and flourish in all the life areas they desire really energizes me!



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I must confess. I am addicted to sugar!  

I am not sure of what triggered me, but I fell completely off the wagon! I have had some form of chocolate candy and/or coffee EVERYDAY in the last few weeks.  Now, I recognize the cravings.

It has to stop! My health is at risk…my belly fat is increasing; I’m  lethargic, often feeling stressed and mood swings are on the rise! 

If I feel like this because of sugar, I can’t imagine how a serious drug addict feels.  

I was doing well drinking green smoothies (although I made them sweet too with Stevia), but at least my body was responding positively.

Sugar causes disease and ailments I do not want to live with nor die sooner because of.

I don’t want this!!!  My mother, aunt, and grandfather (diseased) experience(d) DIABETES.  

So, it should be simple- right?  Just STOP!  

Like any addiction – there is more to it.  Sure, I can say the stress of finishing up the school year as a teacher, the teaching internship, trip to Albuquerque, my son’s high school graduation, blah blah blah – are the reasons, but we know it’s deeper than that!

I’m not focused on anything but my health here. I was so happy about my most recent blood work results because I was no longer classified as PRE-DIABETIC. 

I lost focus – now, I must refocus.  

As my friend Nita just taught me, “It’s not a do over, it’s a DO BETTER.”