Day 2 – Detox and Hunger

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I am HUNGRY!  Yes, it is only DAY 2.  I get that…yet there is something in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to run in the Golden Corral Buffet and eat everything in sight.  Is it really a physiological hunger or a mental hunger?  Is my body responding to the lack of caffeine and carbs that it craves?   Is it an authentic hunger or my body throwing a tantrum because I am breaking the patterns it has become accustomed to?  I would say it is a bit of both.

Last night before bed, I was so hungry I had to literally talk myself down off of a virtual ledge.  I wanted to go in that kitchen and eat some meat!  Perhaps it was the roast in the crock pot that everyone else in the house gets to eat.  I smelled it all night long in my sleep.   For breakfast this morning, I had a plant-based smoothie and more vegetable soup for lunch.

For dinner – a different batch of vegetable soup. I really need to follow the sample menus provided. Tonight, I’m not as hungry. I enjoyed dinner and participated in an online mastermind Course (week 2). I successfully made it through the day in the classroom and a busy evening. I’m grateful to stay the course.

My authentic voice keeps me committed.  I know the repercussions of giving up – even for a moment’s satisfaction.  Some experts will say, “Go ahead and satisfy your cravings; but be sure to get back on course.”  Well, that DOES NOT work for me.  Instead, I go bananas and can’t get back on course.

My authentic V.O.I.C.E. reminds me:
  • to value my life more by taking care of my physical self.
  • that this is the golden opportunity I have been waiting for.  To do this in a community like Move with Mackhas created is a blessing!
  • that my intuition is that inner spirit telling me in my moments of weakness that I was created purposefully, and I have too much to do and share than to succumb to poor health.
  • the importance of charity – sharing my experiences with others in hopes they will be inspired to walk this same journey towards improved health and wellness.  It is not just about me.  If it were, there would be no need to share the experience.
  • I am totally engaged in my thoughts and every action I take throughout the day.  I AM present in the NOW.  This self-accountability piece is extremely important.  If you are fully engaged, you will not need any crutches

Today, I am grateful for my authentic voice!  Each day is a new opportunity to strengthen my VOICE.  If you need assistance with this notion and would like to strengthen your VOICE, let me know by clicking this link to the contact form.  I would be delighted to support you in finding and strengthening your VOICE!

Back to School

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This week has been bitter sweet for me.  Over the summer, I really picked up momentum with the launch of my Speaking/Life Coaching business.  I have networked and met some wonderful people!  My brand is clearly defined; confident that I will succeed on my path to helping women transform their lives.

Today, I was thinking about how blessed I am.   I have a career that affords me the time to pursue my goals and purposefully achieve them.  In addition, I happen to LOVE my career as a teacher.  This part of my purpose is to serve young people (adolescents).

Although I have been physically exhausted every day after work this week, I am delighted to get ready for my students to return to school and I look forward to the year ahead!

I AM an Educator, Speaker, and Life Coach,



What do you want to be when you grow up?

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“I make it my goal to inspire others, and to just be a part of a community online.”


I really relate to this statement because that is what draws me to blogging. The notion of being light in a dark world and having a reach as far as the blogosphere can take me is amazing. This post asks the questions about being full-grown and in the place where I am now. Well, at fifty plus in age, I feel as though I am just becoming full grown because I am finally living out my passions. The struggle is over. My age and wisdom is kicking in and I am FREE for the first time in many years (of course there is much that contributes to this feeling). Right now, as a middle school teacher, I am in my BEST place – it feels wonderful (although, not without struggle). I am growing everyday and pleased with the contributions I am able to make on a daily basis.


Renee Lynn

As we were young, we were always asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” From what I could recall, I really didn’t know what the hell I wanted to be. My answer would be something generic like doctor, teacher, or [fill in seemingly cool job here]. It is a simple question with complex answers. There’s so many possibilities. I was aware I was young, and I didn’t want to worry about how to answer that when it really mattered.

Flash forward 2 decades and a million different jobs later, I’m left feeling a strong sense of inadequacy and aimlessness. I’m 26 years old without a career, let alone financial security. I mean, I’ve had a few full time jobs here and there, but it was definitely not what I was passionate about. Every time I was constrained to a desk under fluorescent light for 8 hours a…

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My purpose is to teach…

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My sole intention was to earn extra money by occasional substitute teaching.  I was encouraged by a friend to apply at a school district in Sacaton, Arizona; which is the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC).  In August of 2014, I stopped by the middle school to introduce myself.  I had just left the district office where I completed the necessary paperwork to substitute teach at the elementary or the middle school.

Today, I am teaching 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts in the same classroom I served as a long-term substitute for about 4 months.  I knew I wanted to stay there on my first day.  The teacher that started the year with this class had been there for a few years.  A couple weeks after school began, she accepted an opportunity to teach at the community college level. 

By December 10, 2014, I was provisionally certified to teach secondary English Language Arts.  Although I had earned both a Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree in Business Management, to become fully certified, I would be required to complete the Teaching Internship program.  With the help of the Instruction Coach, I was gently eased into my responsibilities.  I had a tremendous amount of support and each day I improved my teaching skills and became more passionate about the students I am teaching.

The students I encountered needed so much from me.  My lack of formal training was apparent when it came to preparing lesson plans, a strategy for instruction, and managing the behaviors in the classroom.  The one area I felt fairly confident in was developing and maintaining rapport with the individual students.  This would benefit me in the long-run and buy me the time I needed to improve in the three areas noted.

I advise teachers who are entering a secondary English classroom setting to be prepared to really get to know the students.   They are facing such a critical time period in their lives.  They are no longer little ones and yet they aren’t quite adults.  They are facing seemingly insurmountable circumstances at times that they aren’t able to audibly explain.  Their emotions are driven by relationships and family systems that aren’t always positive.

Lesson Planning

Beginning teachers must be able to plan and provide a set of learning opportunities that offer access to crucial concepts and skills for all students.  The first thing a teacher must do to design an effective classroom is to create a conducive learning environment that supports students’ engaged learning and meaningful instruction (Choy, Wong, Lim, & Chong, 2013).  Accessing the students background knowledge, planning a lesson that reaches those students and assessing their progress along the way is critical in helping those students to grow in the skill sets needed to be successful in the future as an adult (Whitsett & Hubbard, Summer, 2009).

In the latter decades of the 20th Century, as US populations became more racially, ethnically and economically diverse, researchers also recognized that diversity encompassed factors such as learning styles (Angus & DeOliveira, 2012).  When lesson planning for a diverse population this must be considered.

Instructional Strategy

Beginning teachers must understand what the expected curriculum goals and outcomes are for students and what resources are needed in order to accomplish the goals.  They need to understand how the curriculum they teach fits into the larger department or school curriculum and ultimately the national standards (Choy, Wong, Lim, & Chong, 2013).  While meeting expectations are critical, learning to differentiate based upon the students specific background, cultural values, and learning style (Whitsett & Hubbard, Summer, 2009).  Your English Language Learning (ELL) students require this for certain.

I quickly learned to rely on creative measures to provide the necessary background knowledge my students needed to comprehend what the textbook lessons meant.  My students are all Native Americans.  There is no racial diversity in my classroom unless I am counted.  Although my classroom is not diverse, the world around my students is much more diverse.

I use multiliteracies, which recognizes both the increasing cultural and linguistic diversity in the new globalized society and the new variety of text forms from multiple communicative technologies.  There is also the need for new skills to operate successfully in the changing literate and increasingly diversified social environment (Boche, 2014).  I suggest new teacher’s research all the various teaching strategies and design activities that optimize equitable learning (Whitsett & Hubbard, Summer, 2009).

Classroom Management (concern with keeping students engaged)

Beginning teachers must possess the skill of organizing a classroom which provides an orderly environment that increases academic engaged time and decreases distractions (Choy, Wong, Lim, & Chong, 2013).  Who knew that your organization (structure and procedures) would be the secret to your success in maintaining discipline? I struggled the most in this area because I wanted the students to just “do as I say, when I say it” and all would be in order.  It certainly does not work that way!  This age group must be entertained/engaged at all times.

Engaging students with symbol systems, including images, sound and music, as a means of self-expression and communication, as they are now an integral part of contemporary life (Shoffner, De Oliveira, & Angus, 2010) is critical.  Once I understood and put this into practice, my classroom became much more managed.  Other teachers were amazed at how quickly the students bonded with me and behaved in my classroom.


Beginning teachers who seek to be effective in the classroom are able to demand and care, support as they challenge, and provide for collaborative and individual learning experiences (Heckendorn, Summer 2006).  Across the nation, educators continue to face challenges as they work to individualize instruction to meet the specific needs of their students (Vaughn & Faircloth, N.D.)  My initial success in the classroom was founded upon a gut instinct to build relationships with individual students and creatively meet their educational needs while keeping with the textbook curriculum.  Any educator who has a vision to see students succeed, plans and prepares accordingly will also succeed in the end.


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Courage of a Lyons

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“If I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others, for I know that there  is something WRONG with me, or I would now be where I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I had spent more time analyzing my weaknesses, and less time building alibis to cover them.”

 ~excerpt from Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich

 My decision to become an Independent Business Owner with ACN, was the beginning of  discovering my OTHER-SELF.

It was the point I realized that although I have always been one to self-reflect and ultimately self-correct, I was still leaning on excuses and alibis for my apparent lack of complete success.

The business of network marketing is perhaps one of the most challenging industries I will ever face;  yet the most rewarding long-term.  Like many others, I started out with a great deal of excitement about this new business venture that could ultimately make me a millionaire.  The money is not what enticed me.  It was the notion of realizing SUCCESS once and for all.  It was about personal growth, development, and HELPING OTHERS.   However, I quickly realized that having more money is a sure way to be in a position to help others.  It made perfect sense to me!

Although this was not my first exposore to direct selling or network marketing (many refer to it as a pyramid with a negative connotation), yet ACN was the first business model that completely made sense to me.  It is the first that has demonstrated 100% the notion of truly helping others achieve ultimate time freedom and financial security.  Now, I know that I am not Oprah, so my word may not be so golden that people flock towards the opportunity just because I say so.

“I don’t have to sell products, or store inventory?  It’s service based and helping others to save money on services they are already using?”  I was absolutely able to see the benefit.  Oh!  Also, monthly residual income!  It all made so much sense.  I did not need to be convinced.  I did however need to believe I could do it.

Why are people so afraid and apprehensive to do this thing?  What do they fear?  As I set out to introduce this business to others, I realized that many put a wall up and are not open to what it takes to be successful in it.  First off, it requires changing your thinking and seeing things from the perpective of having arrived at the destination of SUCCESS.  It requires HARD WORK, PERSEVERENCE, POSITIVITY, AND A STRONG BELIEF IN SELF!

success map

So, I thought I was more than prepared for this business and it would be fairly easy for me to just talk to people and help them.  Nope!  People don’t want my help!  Is that true?  Or, my excuse?  This is the point when I began to read, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  If you have not read it – please do!  It will seriously get you to realize how you see yourself.  It also unveils THE REAL YOU.  It teaches you about innate power you possess, yet may never tap into because of FEAR.

I have always loved the image below, because I saw myself as a LION.  The truth is – I have not been acting like one.  This was a major distortion on my part.  I was going through the motions, but not really not quite following through to the ROAR.


I love the network marketing business and ACN; because of the character and ethics of the people that make up the organization.  I have grown tremendously in the last eight months in this business and look forward to the years to come!

All I need to do now is attract other courageous people who want to help others grow and achieve time freedom and financial security.  With this, everybody wins!

Process of Transforming

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My overwhelming desire to transform my life is stronger than ever now.

As I think about why I desire to change my life, I realize that it is my innate desire to improve or be better.  I believe the process of transforming is really synonomous with living your life. I believe that some people do this passively, while others go through life anticipating every moment with zeal. I am the latter. I could never just sit and coast through life. I need a project or something to always be in existence for me to feel alive. I have been this way since I was a small child. When I reflect upon the patterns in my life, I know I have always been a  ‘busy with activity’ person. I actually feed off of having something going on in my life at all times.

I realize that just being busy and having a lot of “stuff” going on in my life is no longer enough.  Now, I need RESULTS to place on my mantle.  I need accomplishment.  This ties back to my previous posts about finishing what I start.

Here is what I am considering about me in my effort to be more results oriented (random thoughts in no specific order of priority):

  • It takes 21 days to create a habit.
  • I hate paper, because it creates unnecessary clutter.
  • I am best early in the morning as opposed to the evening after a long workday.
  • I hate time clocks, schedules, and structure period.
  • I love food!
  • I talk alot on the phone (not always a productive activity).
  • My husband and I are complete personality opposites (which is cool).
  • My son is a momma’s boy for sure (which is also cool).
  • I don’t like the notion of credit, because paying it back later is inconvenient.
  • I am obsessed with buying purses and books (hard/soft back or ebooks – doesn’t matter).
  • I love people watching.  I enjoy trying to figure out who they are and what their life is like from a distance.
  • I appreciate funky eclectic styles as opposed to matching and modern.
  • I love to get to know people for who they truly are and not the surface stuff they want you to see.
  • I am communal most times, but like my private quiet time too.
  • My faith in God is strong.
  • I believe messages come from God on billboards, words of friends, radio stations and every form of communication that the mind can perceive.
  • Communication in general is super important to me.  I often share my thoughts to get reactions from others.
  • Exercise is a chore for me.
  • Through my thoughts, I often challenge myself to be and do better.
  • I can be judging, overbearing, and animated at times – something I have often self-corrected over the years – so much better now!!!.
  • The thoughts keep coming….

Well, this is a good enough list to get started with.  I want to start my tackling the first bullet point.  For the next 21 days, starting today, I will work to create some positive habits that address some of the other bullet points.  For instance, I am working on my health, and time management.  For the next 21 days, I will be tracking my actions and interactions that relate to my health and how I balance my time.

This is all in my plan to CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE!

My Emergenetics Profile

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My Emergenetics Profile

My brain – the way I am wired!

Last September, I had the privilege of experiencing Emergenetics

This was a total confirmation of how I perceived myself.  It was so accurate it blew me away!  For some reason, I was excited to share this information with my co-workers, friends, and family.  It was validation – I am conceptual and social.  

What is Emergenetics?

According to their website, it is defined as, ” …a brain-based psychometric assessment that highlights thinking and behavior…a clearer understanding of how people live, work, communicate, and interact.”

Why is this important?

Well, my blog is titled Pain, Passion, and Purpose.

It has a lot to do with who I am.  My past experiences led me to this place of desiring to transform my life.  Also, to be understood and more importantly to be able to serve others and get them to the place of desiring transformation.  I am very passionate about this.  It is my PURPOSE!  I know that now.  How?  Because I have paid close attention to the patterns in my life – good and bad. 

I have loved people my entire life.  I have always shared hope with others that there is a better way.  Even though I experienced pain (childhood family dysfunction, longing for my biological father, multiple mid-term miscarraiges, spiraling downward due to poor choices on my part, etc…), I still have HOPE and believe strongly that I along with others can achieve greatness by CREATING for themselves THE AMAZING LIFE they deserve!

My Emergenetics Profile validated the visionary that I am.  I see the big picture and always have.  My ultimate struggle has been structure and details.  I will blog more about this in the near future.  At this time, I merely want to further introduce myself to you.

If any of this resonates with you, please comment and share your thoughts and/or experiences.

Helping Others…

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You can have anything in the world you want simply by helping enough other people get what they want. ~ Zig Ziglar

In December of last year, a friend and colleague on my day job introduced me to a ‘business opportunity’. I attended the meeting she invited me to that evening. I had hope that whatever it was, it would be the thing for me. I showed up with little information because I trusted my friend. I believed that she would not steer me in the wrong direction. I knew enough about how she lived that made me feel comfortable about her recommendation.

The meeting was inspiring and motivating! I was instantly intrigued by the notion of helping people make and/or save money. Besides, I needed to make more money and save as much as possible too! So, I became an ACN Independent Business Owner.

My challenge soon became the number of people who shyed away from this type of opportunity (network marketing), because they either had a poor prior experience or they simply had fear and lacked confidence in themselves to meet people and assist them in changing their lives.

I have been an entrepreneur for many years and even owned traditional businesses so I had no fear. I immediately owned up to the fact that I did not give 100% effort to my previous attempts at network marketing. However, this was different. I could really see how this was not selling products to people that they do not consistently use or need. It was essential services to everyday life: phone service, internet, wireless, home security, and energy.

The next thing I did was attend an International Training in San Jose, California. I was moved to tears by the people who had been successful in this business. They told my story. I could feel their journey to self-discovery and ultimate achievement.

I knew then that my life was about to change forever. This is really when I decided to CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE for myself. The best part is I would get to help others do the same. This is what I am truly passionate about. ACN is a vehicle for me to reach people and assist them – I love it!