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We are often told to act in alignment to what we feel. How we feel. For whom we feel. This notion of acting in alignment with our feelings can be a dangerous mindset. In fact, allow me to tell you that your feelings are completley overrated. They are unimportant. Look,…

Originally posted on Pointless Overthinking:
Troy Headrick’s personal blog can be found at Thinker Boy:  Art & Blog I see some people posting blogs (and comments about them) on thinking and the role it plays in human life.  As someone who has expertise in thinking—especially in what some call “critical thinking”—I’ve been feeling more and…

No disrespect intended towards either of the two women that I greatly respect, but I need to modify that statement to say, “…when you know better, you need to make better choices.”

Today is the first day back in the class in the new year. During the Winter Break from my 7th/8th grade English class, many of my students were constantly on my mind. I wondered about their day-to-day lives and if all their needs were being met. My students are a very important part of my Truth!

I started declaring who I was – Educator, Speaker, Coach.  Over time, those labels took on deeper more resolute meanings.  I had been functioning in those roles for years, yet I wasn’t showing up like it – lacking confidence and clarity was my biggest issue. 

This post is the first in a series I will be blogging about intended to help women authentically redefine their lives…

“I want people to know my heart.” This means, my authentic desire for the growth and empowerment of others – especially women.