Transforming – Wearing a belt!

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Today, I wore a belt around my waste.  A fancy wide sash that enhances my figure.  It isn’t rolling up or down.  It is comfortably staying in place.  I feel wonderful.

Don’t laugh!  Something so simple, means so much to this woman in transformation.

My students are no longer whispering, “Is she pregnant?”  Instead I heard, “She’s wearing a belt – wow.”

I have decided to place my focus on health versus weight; therefore, there is no celebration about pounds lost (not yet).


My waist was non-existent just 17 days ago!

I am soaring like an eagle!

I think about how I would be feeling on the 7th of January if I had waited, until after New Year’s day, to begin my resolution.  Because of the choices I have made, I am LIVING a much healthier lifestyle!  It’s been 17 days!  Eating clean and it is starting to really show.





Process of Transforming

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My overwhelming desire to transform my life is stronger than ever now.

As I think about why I desire to change my life, I realize that it is my innate desire to improve or be better.  I believe the process of transforming is really synonomous with living your life. I believe that some people do this passively, while others go through life anticipating every moment with zeal. I am the latter. I could never just sit and coast through life. I need a project or something to always be in existence for me to feel alive. I have been this way since I was a small child. When I reflect upon the patterns in my life, I know I have always been a  ‘busy with activity’ person. I actually feed off of having something going on in my life at all times.

I realize that just being busy and having a lot of “stuff” going on in my life is no longer enough.  Now, I need RESULTS to place on my mantle.  I need accomplishment.  This ties back to my previous posts about finishing what I start.

Here is what I am considering about me in my effort to be more results oriented (random thoughts in no specific order of priority):

  • It takes 21 days to create a habit.
  • I hate paper, because it creates unnecessary clutter.
  • I am best early in the morning as opposed to the evening after a long workday.
  • I hate time clocks, schedules, and structure period.
  • I love food!
  • I talk alot on the phone (not always a productive activity).
  • My husband and I are complete personality opposites (which is cool).
  • My son is a momma’s boy for sure (which is also cool).
  • I don’t like the notion of credit, because paying it back later is inconvenient.
  • I am obsessed with buying purses and books (hard/soft back or ebooks – doesn’t matter).
  • I love people watching.  I enjoy trying to figure out who they are and what their life is like from a distance.
  • I appreciate funky eclectic styles as opposed to matching and modern.
  • I love to get to know people for who they truly are and not the surface stuff they want you to see.
  • I am communal most times, but like my private quiet time too.
  • My faith in God is strong.
  • I believe messages come from God on billboards, words of friends, radio stations and every form of communication that the mind can perceive.
  • Communication in general is super important to me.  I often share my thoughts to get reactions from others.
  • Exercise is a chore for me.
  • Through my thoughts, I often challenge myself to be and do better.
  • I can be judging, overbearing, and animated at times – something I have often self-corrected over the years – so much better now!!!.
  • The thoughts keep coming….

Well, this is a good enough list to get started with.  I want to start my tackling the first bullet point.  For the next 21 days, starting today, I will work to create some positive habits that address some of the other bullet points.  For instance, I am working on my health, and time management.  For the next 21 days, I will be tracking my actions and interactions that relate to my health and how I balance my time.

This is all in my plan to CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE!

Leggings? Really!

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Today, my confidence is at an all time high! 

I am wearing leggings and a short dress.  I have already been told a few times that I am looking cute today.  Why is this significant?  Well, it’s my first time in my adult life wearing them in public.  You see, for years, I have been of the opinion, “…just because it stretches, doesn’t mean it has to”.

So far, this week I have made it to the gym daily and feeling very comfortable in my clothes.  I am able to once again wear some of my old outfits and items that I bought but was afraid to wear. 

I am adjusting to a new mindset when it comes to my self-image.  Often I have seen women who I believe were too overweight to wear certain outfits, yet they do it with confidence.  This always perplexed me.  Over time, I learned to admire their self -esteem to pull it off.  Now, I realize that it was my own self-image that distorted my view.  Because I lacked the courage and confidence, I wanted others to do the same (subconsciously of course). 

Low self-esteem and a distorted view of self can be so destructive in ones life.  It impacts your family, relationships, career, and overall happiness.

As I continue to CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE for myself, I am much more aware of this.  I am enjoying my day in leggings and look forward to boldly going in fashion where I haven’t gone before!  What about you?