Powered Up and SOARING!

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Today, I realized something, which prompted me to blog:

  • A year ago, March 18, 2017, I attended SOAR Business Empowerment ConferenceHosted by Tamika Williams, CEO of Wealthy Concepts (pictured in the red dress).  I had to talk myself into going.  It was the first event like this I had attended in a few years.  It was the right timing and very inspiring!
  • On July 1, 2017, Tamika introduced me to Felicia R. Davis by arranging for me to volunteer at her Women Powered Up event.
  • While at Felicia’s event, a Facebook memory surfaced on my phone reminding me of an event I previously hosted – Pain, Passion, and Purpose.
    img 3052

    Pain, Passion, and Purpose – My Story

  • My event was on that same day but 3 years prior.  There were 60 people in attendance.  There was one more after that,  with waning attendance.  After that, I had a situation that allowed me to make up an excuse to give up on my dream. The truth is – I did not believe in myself enough to see it through at that time.  I felt like I was an imposter who wasn’t qualified to lead anyone to transformation – in fact, I was still transforming myself.
  • I shared this epiphany with three people that day a year ago: Tamika Williams, Billionaire PA (Founder & CEO of Wealthy Minds Inc.) and the host Felicia Davis.  I imagine they had no real idea of what was happening to me at that moment or the true significance of it.

At Felicia’s conference, as Billionaire PA  was leaving, his parting words to me were, Speak it into Existence!”  I believe at that point, I actually listened to him.  He wasn’t the only one wanting to get Oprah’s attention!

At that point, I started declaring who I was – Educator, Speaker, Coach.  Over time, those labels took on deeper more resolute meanings.  I had been functioning in those roles for years, yet I wasn’t showing up like it – lacking confidence and clarity was my biggest issue.  It all began to change that night…

img 5716

I am grateful for the many revelations this past year has brought me.  I no longer fear being an imposter!

Today, I am the founder and CEO of Davina Lyons Enterprises. 

On March 18, 2018, I launched TRIBE Authentic Woman.  Exactly one-year after and on the exact same day as the day I attended Tamika’s event.  It wasn’t planned that way.  It was simply meant to be as a divine message for me to rock on!

Over the course of the last year, I have:

  • become a member of various mastermind groups
  • improved my health by eating clean and eliminating harmful toxins in my body that caused poor physical health
  • enhanced my image to reflect a happier and healthier external ME.
  • and finally, executed my purpose to educate, inspire, and motivate women and teen girls to transform their lives by finding, using, and elevating their Authentic VOICE!  

Every 3rd Sunday of the month,  the TRIBE Authentic Woman group hosts a workshop that affords women a safe place to personally grow and develop into their divinely created purposeful self – just as I have done.

If you would like to attend the workshop in Mesa, AZ.  You may register via Eventbrite or @TribeAuthenticWoman on Facebook.  For women who aren’t in the area – I am working on producing a webinar that has the same quality and is just as engaging and actionable as the in-person workshop.  Stay tuned…!

The Challenge

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I accepted The 10-Day Brand Your Brilliance Challenge, by Felicia Davis, expecting to produce something (because I know the caliber of a leader, coach, and strategist she is), but certainly, I did not anticipate rising to the occasion in the manner in which I did.  She exceeds all expectations!  If you want to show up more powerfully as a business owner or corporate leader – Felicia Davis is the one to work with!  Just sayin’…



Life is like chess, not checkers!  Thinking of your next move ahead of time is essential.


I have never been so excited to face a new year!  For some reason, this year brings hope and fulfillment of dreams long deferred.  In 2016 and 2017, I met some phenomenal people (like Felicia Davis) who are on the same wavelength as I am, but are ahead of me on the continuum, yet more than willing to collaborate and support me in sharing my message.

I often say, “I want people to know my heart.” This means, my authentic desire for the growth and empowerment of others – especially women.  I believe in people being able to transform their lives – no matter what they have done or challenges they face.  I believe in resilience – because I am that person that deeply desired to have someone believe in me.

My blogging really slowed down at the end of 2017, but because I was focused on preparing for 2018.  I decided it was more important to focus on my foundation than to dress the windows of my shop.  So, I ended the year accepting the challenge to strengthen my personal brand.

Yesterday, I completed the 10-day challenge feeling victorious!  Although I am a life-long learner, I am READY to execute now more than ever.  The challenge rejuvenated me!  It also made me aware my greatest opportunities for this year.  I am so grateful.

To the woman who is ready for a positive life-shift, and definition of purpose – it would be my pleasure to have a conversation about how you can change it up for the better!  I did it…I know you can too!

Peace and blessings,


Welcoming 2018

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Blessed are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.  ~Napoleon Hill

Wow! It is the year 2018!  I remember when Y2K almost paralyzed the world out of fear that everything technical tied to a clock would shut down.  That was 18 years ago? We had no idea that technology would morph into something like social media and take off the way it has.  Someone may have thought about it – perhaps the person(s) who dreamed it up.

Dreams become reality if action is taken to support them.  That is the beauty of 2018 for me.  Many of my actions are allowing me to realize my dreams.  Speaking, teaching, coaching, consulting, are all things I not only dreamt about but strategically put in the work for the last few years to actualize.

Welcome, 2018! My best year yet!

This year I will:

  • fully launch Davina Lyons Enterprises – focused on inspiring women with hurts, habits, and hang-ups to take action to positively transform their lives!  This involves speaking, coaching, and consulting.
  • continue to teach Middle School English Language Arts in the Gila River Indian Community.  This allows me to passionately contribute to the academic, social and emotional lives of the adolescents in my classroom.
  • facilitate Speaking Circles for WomanSpeak, a global community that supports Women finding and using their authentic voices to become confident public speakers.
  • finally, (not least important) really focus on my personal health and wellness.  I realize that if I don’t take care of me, I will not be able to support others in the way I am passionate about doing so.

Yes! I decree and declare that BIG things will happen in 2018!



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I just saw this tweet (@abundancemind11) that stated, “Don’t think outside the box.  Think like there is no box.”

Wow! That is mind blowing for me at this very moment.

Why, because I hate mentioning that box.  For a moment, it takes your attention off of your project/goal.  The moment you are concerned with whether or not you are IN or OUT of the BOX, you lose effectiveness.

Damn THE BOX!  Let’s GO!


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In high school I wanted to be a politician or a lawyer because I sought justice for all people.

As I grew older and began my life journey, I saw those roles differently – in a negative way.  I then decided I wanted to help people be strong internally so they could use their voices and defend themselves.  I wanted to motivate people.

Meanwhile, I needed someone to help me stay on track.  I had so many personal pain points that my dreams of helping others started to dry up like a raisin in the sun as Langston Hughes mentions in his poem.

Langston Hughes’ “Harlem – A Dream Deferred”

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore—

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over—

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Today,  I realize my dream did not explode. It was just put on hold.  

What about you?

Go Big or Go Home

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I love this! “Chase the Lion! Go BIG or go home!

Youth Delight


There will never be a “perfect” time but there will always be a right time to dare greatly and go after the dream in your heart. That time is now. Live a life of 100x and believe in something so grand that it will take God’s hand of favor and intervention to make it happen. There is nothing too big for God. In fact, he will surpass our wildest and biggest imaginations. I believe God is pleased with our God-sized dreams. My dad used to say to me “go big or go home!” Friends…I’m telling you the same. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

From Mark Batterson’s “Chase the Lion”

“The Lion Chaser’s Manifesto”

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.

Run to the roar.

Set God-sized goals.

Pursue God-ordained passions.

Go after a dream that’s destined to fail unless God intervenes.

Start pointing…

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No matter what…

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No matter what is happening with your life – there’s always something that you can find to have a positive outcome.  

Believing this will lead to the right actions being taken.  I know because that was how I survived many situations in my life.

Look for the positive and surely you will find it.

A reminder I had to share…

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You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it. -Maya Angelou

via You Gotta Pay Your Dues — SKYLARITY

Daily Musing #3 – Decisions End Confusion 

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If you are struggling with making a decision, think about worse case scenario.  

  • Can you live with it?  
  • What could potentially happen next?
  • Will your decision impact others?
  • If so, in what way?
  • How will your decision impact you?
  • In a month, 6 months, a year, 5 years…will it matter?

Decisions are very important! They help direct your path in life.  Don’t delay too long and don’t be too hasty – trust your Spirit and make a decision!

Focus on Consistency #3 – Planning

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Yesterday, I bought a new planner! 

If I am striving to be more consistent, then planning is essential, right?!img_3224

Well, since I also like to have fun and be happy, I invested in a planner that speaks to me personally.

With every turn of the page, I am positively uplifted.  I could not wait to get home and set it up!

This will make my planning from day to day so much more efficient!  It has full customization with loads of fun stickers!

I’m curious – do you use a planner?

Yes, I know my iPhone has applications that can do this for me, but I am old-fashioned and tactile.  I still love to write.  I enjoy tangibles.


Do you?


I really LOVE my NEW PLANNER!!!!