My Truth 365_6 – Dreams

What are your goals for the coming month, year, and so on?
What dreams have you made excuses about and delayed taking action?

Quest for Authenticity

I founded the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop in March 2018 because I wanted to create a safe space for women to authentically express themselves and do the work to experience growth and personal development.

Powered Up and SOARING!

I started declaring who I was – Educator, Speaker, Coach.  Over time, those labels took on deeper more resolute meanings.  I had been functioning in those roles for years, yet I wasn’t showing up like it – lacking confidence and clarity was my biggest issue. 

The Challenge

“I want people to know my heart.” This means, my authentic desire for the growth and empowerment of others – especially women. 

Welcoming 2018

Blessed are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.  ~Napoleon Hill Wow! It is the year 2018!  I remember when Y2K almost paralyzed the world out of fear that everything technical tied to a clock would shut down.  That was 18 years ago? We had no idea…


I just saw this tweet (@abundancemind11) that stated, “Don’t think outside the box.  Think like there is no box.” Wow! That is mind blowing for me at this very moment. Why, because I hate mentioning that box.  For a moment, it takes your attention off of your project/goal.  The moment you are concerned with whether…


In high school I wanted to be a politician or a lawyer because I sought justice for all people. As I grew older and began my life journey, I saw those roles differently – in a negative way.  I then decided I wanted to help people be strong internally so they could use their voices…