LOVE over Hate

Kindness, Motivation, Spirit

I still LOVE PEOPLE in general. I resist hate. My heart is heavy because of those who are lost and confused, but I cannot let hate win.

I AM focused on making a positive contribution to this world. I was created to be a light and for GOOD. Yet some have allowed their light to dim and they can no longer see their way or what is right.

I do not blame others for my plight or that of any race. I see history as a lesson and not a reason to hate.

I pray for PEACE in this world!


Sunday Sonnet!

Kindness, Motivation, Spirit

I love this and had to share it! "Speak gently, always, to yourself and me!"

Autumn Ambles



Speak to me gently when Life’s Light burns low
And hope of new tomorrows starts to fade,
I cannot bear to hear, ‘I told you so’,
Much less to have another me upbraid;
No need past failings, oversights recount,
Nor nourish feelings fountain of regret;
Too easily fine words concern discount,
Impeding gallant efforts to forget;
Much rather proffer understanding care,
By far more wholesome than disabling scorn,
Aware that none escape the tempter’s snare,
And all are left with misconduct to mourn!
That mortals, sans exception may feel free,
Speak gently, always, to yourself and me!

©Meanderings 2017


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The butterfly and a tender heart…

Kindness, Motivation, Spirit

Today, one of my middle school students found a butterfly with a wounded wing. She walked around with that butterfly cupped in her hands protecting it for a long time.

When the bell rang, it was time to come in to my classroom.  Initially, my thoughts were, “… my goodness she’s going to bring a big butterfly in the classroom and it’s going to be a huge distraction.”  

At this point, while the students were lining up and about to enter the room, I said, “We probably need to let the butterfly go and come in the class.”

By now other students began to hold the butterfly and it was being passed around. There were some discussions about whether or not it would survive if it were let go.  One student cupped the butterfly and took it outside and set it in the grass.

I noticed the student who initially had the butterfly was crying. There were tears streaming down her cheeks. I asked her what the matter was and she said it (the butterfly) won’t survive. She was worried about the butterfly and what would happen to it.

So, I asked her if she would feel better if she could hang on to that butterfly. She said yes. So I went and retrieved a Styrofoam cup because I knew the butterfly was not able to fly.  She gently placed it in the cup; and looked after it for the remainder of the class.

Although she was pleased, she continued to sob over the butterfly for a little while longer.  Soon enough, she was back to normal!  She said she wasn’t sure why she was crying after I gave her the cup. I told her it was alright to have a tender heart and not to feel bad for crying. 

Deep down I really admired her love and concern for another living creature.

It’s a good thing…

Kindness, Mind, Motivation, Spirit

I just saw this featured meme on Twitter and it made me think about my philosophy on meeting people. 

My husband and close friends have often commented about my inability to go places without talking to strangers (people in my midst).  Whether it is a grocery store, gas station, parking lot, etc., I am always game to smile and ready to engage. 

I find it invaluable to connect with people (not in a weird way).  I don’t want to paint the wrong picture…I am not chasing people down to talk to them.  That would be stalkerish and crazy.  Instead, I follow my inner spirit which guides my decisions on whether or not to engage.  I make eye contact, smile, and wait for the response before I jump to a conversation.  Often, others are engaging me.  I love it!

With each encounter (although a few moments of my schedule are compromised), I walk away better for it in some way.  I learn from people and hopefully they learn from me too.  It’s a good thing!

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  

An Act of Kindness Made My Day!

Kindness, Motivation, Nutrition, Spirit

My friend/co-worker (Social Studies Teacher) brought me a homemade lunch yesterday.  It was smoked ribs with amazing seasoning and baked beans.  She took extra care and added garnishment.

The remainder of the day, I kept thinking about how kind she is.  Her thoughtfulness made me feel special.  It made me want to do something nice for her as repayment (not that she expects it).  More importantly, it made me want to do something nice for someone else.

Kindness is contagious!

This has prompted me to take note of and blog about noteworthy acts of kindness.  I believe my friend’s random act has sparked something within me.