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We are often told to act in alignment to what we feel. How we feel. For whom we feel. This notion of acting in alignment with our feelings can be a dangerous mindset. In fact, allow me to tell you that your feelings are completley overrated. They are unimportant. Look,…

No matter what others see; I finally see myself as successful… I measure that success with my own ruler. All I wish for others is the same.

Originally posted on Pointless Overthinking:
Troy Headrick’s personal blog can be found at Thinker Boy:  Art & Blog I see some people posting blogs (and comments about them) on thinking and the role it plays in human life.  As someone who has expertise in thinking—especially in what some call “critical thinking”—I’ve been feeling more and…

When I think about my life and all the trials I have overcome, it is obvious to me that it is always possible to overcome as long as I am breathing and able-bodied to do so.

I know who I am today, and what I will and will not accept long term, but it isn’t an easy task to overcome the residue of the past. The residue of poor choices is far-reaching.

My level of authenticity is constantly evolving. I have learned to go deep within and process my Truth based on each situation I face. My actions, words, beliefs, and values are all based on the way I think.

There are no longer doubts that linger in my mind about who I am and what I am truly capable of. My mindset is most definitely about GROWTH. It doesn’t matter to me what others believe about me, I am all about what I believe and the state of my mind.