Life after 10 Day Mind & Body Detox

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Knowledge and understanding
Understanding is good
And when I wake up in the morning
All I hear in my hood is people saying that they’re
Beautiful, loved, blessed…


There are not enough positive words I can say about the way I feel now.  For once, I started something that I am confident I can maintain.  I decided to permanently forego dairy, flour/processed products, and refined sugar.  It has made a tremendous difference in how I feel thus far.


I have begun to exercise daily.  My energy level has increased to the point that I am able to be much more productive.  My moods don’t swing.  I have a heightened sense of awareness through all of my senses; especially taste and smell.  I use my inner VOICE to stay on track by reminding myself of where I want to be in life: mind, body, and spirit.

More to come…

Day 10 – Detox and the Future

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I love myself.

It’s 4:11 a.m. and I couldn’t wait to celebrate making it to the 10th day of the detox. It’s obvious, if I made it this far, there’s no reason I can’t fully embrace and maintain a lifestyle change.

The future of my health is very promising – because I listened to my VOICE and made a DECISION to just do it.

I promise myself to always love me enough to only consume proper nutrition. I have to take care of this body!

Thanks to Move with Mack for the inspiration and coaching to get me going!

Day 7 – Detox and Meal Prep

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I love the saying, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”  Today, I was ready to go to an event that I knew food would be served – perhaps something I could not eat on my detox plan.  I could have easily made the excuse that the meal is a part of the event; therefore, I must partake.  Nope! I had no idea what the meal was going to be, but I knew what I was supposed to eat.

I can not eat dairy, bread, pasta, and sugar.  I can have vegetables, fruit, quinoa, sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and more healthy stuff that I can not think of at the moment.  I am not doing a good job of referring back to the list provided by Move with Mack.  I know there are limitless possibilities if I really take the time to figure out what I should be eating.  Right now, I am happy with my veggies, quinoa, and fruit.

I attended the 2018 Be Well Mastermind Series – The SPICES of Life.  It was not just an event, but an EXPERIENCE!  The women I encountered today were simply amazing!  They were loving, kind, and willing to serve other women by being transparent and sharing their truths.  I showed up ready for my prepared lunch in my new fancy lunch bag.  The individual color-coded premeasured containers made it so easy!  At lunchtime, everyone around me complimented how good my food looked.  I had chopped salad, wild Tilapia, and of course, quinoa (my new favorite food replacing white rice, and for dessert, I had fresh slices of pears.  Dinner was Teriyaki Chicken Stir-fry (minus the Teriyaki sauce).

According to my VOICE:

I value my new system for meal preparation.  I see it as an opportunity to stay on track and not lose sight of my healthy lifestyle goals.  I intuitively know that preparing meals ahead of time will reduce my stress level about what to eat when I am hungry.  Forgiving myself (charity) for past food transgressions is also a big part of this.  If I focus on the years of overeating and poor food choices, I will begin to crave those poor foods; therefore, I release myself from the past.  Going forward, I must be a student of proper nutrition and engage in a whole new and improved lifestyle beyond this 10 Day Detox!



Day 6 – Detox and Quinoa

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I have a new favorite food!  Quinoa is my thing now.  I can not believe that it took 53 years to discover this super-food!

img 3423

My favorite breakfast!

For years, I told myself that I could not live without rice.  It took me many years to finally embrace brown rice.  Now, I am instantly in love with Quinoa.  I am eating it for breakfast and on my dinner salads.  I can honestly feel the healthy benefit of adding it to my clean diet.

I wonder what else is out there for me?

My VOICE says:
  • Value the foods that improve my metabolism, blood sugar levels, and overall health.
  • Take the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the foods I eat.
  • Have an intuitive mindset when it comes to planning meals – eat only that which energizes and heals my body.
  • Have a charity mindset to share information about health and wellness in hopes of encouraging others.
  • Continue to Engage in reading and expanding my knowledge about health and wellness.

I have learned to listen to my authentic voice.  If finding and utilizing your authentic voice is something you would like me to assist you with – let me know.

Day 5 – Detox and Endurance

Motivation, Nutrition, Thriving
img 3346

Simply happy…

Yesterday was a very long day for me.  We had a Family Curriculum Night event that lasted until 7pm (my day started at 4:30 a.m.).  I came home to my office and worked until I fell asleep at my desk. I awoke sometime in the early morning and actually went to bed.

This morning, I awoke at 5 a.m. realizing that I did not complete my blog post for yesterday.  I also remembered what I wanted to blog about.  All day, my thoughts kept drifting to how my life is once again shifting upward.  I am expanding and building endurance mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I was physically tired because I help set-up the gym for the event at the school.  However, it was a different kind of tired.  I felt tremendously energetic and happy; in contrast, a year ago for the same event, I could barely breathe while walking.  The level of inflammation in my body has reduced to the point that I do not feel any arthritic pains in my hands, knees, or feet.

Obviously, what I take into my body has a far greater effect than I realized – good or bad.  It’s focusing on the good that I know I must continue to do.  Yesterday, I chose salads and healthy proteins all day.  When the school provided pizza, salad, and dessert- I maintained the course with salad and lean chicken breast (very tasty).

I AM Celebrating my endurance!  What can you find to celebrate about yourself?  Please share by commenting.

Day 4 – Detox and Mindset

Motivation, Nutrition, Thriving

I awoke today – the same as yesterday – feeling energetic and successful in the process of detoxing my body.  If there is one struggle I have, it is remembering to drink all of the water (advised by Move with Mack – half my body weight in ounces).  I am really working on that.

I love the fact that my brain is far less foggy day-over-day.  I have no sense of being overwhelmed and my mindset is extremely positive and optimistic.  I even find myself decluttering my environment both at work and at home.

I realize that my mind is affixed to the vision I set in the beginning of January on my vision board, which I look at daily when I am at home and every time I log into my facebook page (it’s the header).

img 3401

Vision Board Excerpt Jan. 2018

It says:

  • Pretty Amazing
  • Healthy You
  • Love
  • Body
  • Work
  • Make Every Day Count
  • Rock Your Body

My mind is set to transform my body in fulfillment of this vision – it’s simple! I must see myself as pretty amazing so that no negativity creeps in and throws me for a loop.  I have to work hard physically and mentally to love my body at each stage going forward by making every day count.

My VOICE says:

  • Value every moment of this experience as I positively transform my body.
  • Take the opportunity to educate me more about nutrition and fitness.
  • Continue to trust my intuition when it comes to health and wellness.  Instinctively knowing not to consume foods and beverages that are not good for my overall health (even if they are my favorites).
  • Continue to educate others by sharing my experiences.  A mindset of carefree consciousness and charity keeps me in a happy place.  I believe a healthy mind accompanies a healthy body.
  • Engage in exercising by starting to move my body each day!  This will get the results I envision for my future self.

Yes, I have attempted weight loss many times, realizing now that all those attempts failed because I was completely out of alignment with the wrong focus.  I lacked authenticity when it came to myself.  I made excuses and gave up on myself because it was easier than putting in the work to find and utilize my authentic VOICE.  Today, my mind is set upon going to the next level in terms of my health and wellness. If finding and utilizing your authentic VOICE is something you would like me to assist you with – let me know.

Day 3 – Detox and Energy

Motivation, Nutrition, Thriving

My eyes opened instantly this morning at 5:00am.  Yes, the alarm on my iPhone prompted it; but today was different.  Today, I awoke with an unfamiliar burst of energy that has lasted me all day!

Oh! By the way, I am NOT hungry anymore.  That feeling I mentioned yesterday in the pit of my stomach is gone.  I feel like I have a normal appetite.  For breakfast, I had pears and apples cut and soaked in Bragg’s vinegar with a touch of ginger and honey.  DELICIOUS!!!  My lunch was my homemade vegetable soup – still not tired of it.  It has a wonderful flavor!  I also had more fruit on hand in case I got hungry throughout the day.  I didn’t even eat it all.  I will finish it tomorrow at work.

For dinner, I had a Roasted Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad…there are no words to express how much I appreciated it.  I kept thinking while eating my salad how healthy I am going to be because I have absolutely no problem with eating this way for the rest of my life.

Today my V.O.I.C.E. spoke loud and clear!
  • There is tremendous value in eliminating the things we know are not good for us.  I realize that flour and sugar products cause a great deal of inflammation in my body.
  • I am so grateful to seize the opportunity to heal my body from the inside out by eating and enjoying proper nutrition.
  • My intuition tells me that I am in it to WIN IT this time around.  I have a growth mindset and feel empowered to own my body completely.  That means self-nurture and abstinence from toxins!
  • Every step I take in this process lends itself to charity.  My students are watching and rooting for me along this journey.  As a teacher, I have tremendous influence in their lives.  What I say and do matters.  Modeling courage and perseverance is so important to me.  I want to give them HOPE.
  • I am so engaged in this process that I can think of nothing else.  In fact, it is invigorating!  I look forward to waking up energized and full of life every day for the rest of my life!

Today, I am grateful for my authentic voice!  Whatever your passion is or thing you need to resolve or transform – make a decision, and do it!  Yes, it is a process and it isn’t a quick one; but it will certainly improve the quality of your life to live authentically.  I use my authentic VOICE daily (moment by moment) to stay on the right side of the aisle in life.  I would be delighted to support you in finding and strengthening your authentic VOICE!

Special Thanks to Move with Mack for inspiring me to make the decision to take the first step!

Day 2 – Detox and Hunger

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I am HUNGRY!  Yes, it is only DAY 2.  I get that…yet there is something in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to run in the Golden Corral Buffet and eat everything in sight.  Is it really a physiological hunger or a mental hunger?  Is my body responding to the lack of caffeine and carbs that it craves?   Is it an authentic hunger or my body throwing a tantrum because I am breaking the patterns it has become accustomed to?  I would say it is a bit of both.

Last night before bed, I was so hungry I had to literally talk myself down off of a virtual ledge.  I wanted to go in that kitchen and eat some meat!  Perhaps it was the roast in the crock pot that everyone else in the house gets to eat.  I smelled it all night long in my sleep.   For breakfast this morning, I had a plant-based smoothie and more vegetable soup for lunch.

For dinner – a different batch of vegetable soup. I really need to follow the sample menus provided. Tonight, I’m not as hungry. I enjoyed dinner and participated in an online mastermind Course (week 2). I successfully made it through the day in the classroom and a busy evening. I’m grateful to stay the course.

My authentic voice keeps me committed.  I know the repercussions of giving up – even for a moment’s satisfaction.  Some experts will say, “Go ahead and satisfy your cravings; but be sure to get back on course.”  Well, that DOES NOT work for me.  Instead, I go bananas and can’t get back on course.

My authentic V.O.I.C.E. reminds me:
  • to value my life more by taking care of my physical self.
  • that this is the golden opportunity I have been waiting for.  To do this in a community like Move with Mackhas created is a blessing!
  • that my intuition is that inner spirit telling me in my moments of weakness that I was created purposefully, and I have too much to do and share than to succumb to poor health.
  • the importance of charity – sharing my experiences with others in hopes they will be inspired to walk this same journey towards improved health and wellness.  It is not just about me.  If it were, there would be no need to share the experience.
  • I am totally engaged in my thoughts and every action I take throughout the day.  I AM present in the NOW.  This self-accountability piece is extremely important.  If you are fully engaged, you will not need any crutches

Today, I am grateful for my authentic voice!  Each day is a new opportunity to strengthen my VOICE.  If you need assistance with this notion and would like to strengthen your VOICE, let me know by clicking this link to the contact form.  I would be delighted to support you in finding and strengthening your VOICE!

Welcoming 2018

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Blessed are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.  ~Napoleon Hill

Wow! It is the year 2018!  I remember when Y2K almost paralyzed the world out of fear that everything technical tied to a clock would shut down.  That was 18 years ago? We had no idea that technology would morph into something like social media and take off the way it has.  Someone may have thought about it – perhaps the person(s) who dreamed it up.

Dreams become reality if action is taken to support them.  That is the beauty of 2018 for me.  Many of my actions are allowing me to realize my dreams.  Speaking, teaching, coaching, consulting, are all things I not only dreamt about but strategically put in the work for the last few years to actualize.

Welcome, 2018! My best year yet!

This year I will:

  • fully launch Davina Lyons Enterprises – focused on inspiring women with hurts, habits, and hang-ups to take action to positively transform their lives!  This involves speaking, coaching, and consulting.
  • continue to teach Middle School English Language Arts in the Gila River Indian Community.  This allows me to passionately contribute to the academic, social and emotional lives of the adolescents in my classroom.
  • facilitate Speaking Circles for WomanSpeak, a global community that supports Women finding and using their authentic voices to become confident public speakers.
  • finally, (not least important) really focus on my personal health and wellness.  I realize that if I don’t take care of me, I will not be able to support others in the way I am passionate about doing so.

Yes! I decree and declare that BIG things will happen in 2018!


A Real Thrive Experience…

Motivation, Nutrition, Spirit, Thriving

There was a time when I would have quickly dismissed the words shared in this video. 

For one reason, I had tried so many things in my life that did not work. I spent money and had no results.  I naturally became a cynic because of so many failures at finding the “right thing” for my body, mind, and spirit.

What changed?

I can’t explain it.  It was a gut feeling this time that wouldn’t allow me to move past it.  Perhaps I was attracted the notion of #thriving.  Nonetheless, I am so glad that I was drawn to the Le-Vel Brands and decided to try The Thrive Experience.

I’ve been living and promoting the #thrivelife for 11 weeks now:

  • My energy level is at my lifetime highest as an adult.
  • I’m so focused that I am finally igniting my entrepreneurial fires and projects are underway that I only dreamed about in the past.  You’ll see…
  • Finally, all of my random physical aches and discomforts are GONE!
  • To sum it up – my MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT have been elevated.

Who wouldn’t want any of this to happen in their life?

Honestly, if I could, I would give it to everyone I come in contact with so they could have the same life changing experience I am having, but that is unrealistic.

I can; however, share my story and the story of others all day every day until you reach out to me and say, “What do I need to do to give this stuff a try?”

If you would like more information: