Day 9 – Detox and Peace

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I awoke this morning in a strange mood.  My detox is going great! No complaints there. I wasn’t sad, but I wasn’t happy either.  Whatever is concerning me, is deeply rooted at the core of my being.

I realize as each moment passed while preparing to go to work, I was feeling angst about little things.  Typically, this is where I say, “I am in a bad mood.”  I know that those words will literally manifest “bad stuff” if I declare it to be so.  It’s true! The subconscious will grab it and run with it!

Today, I decided to counteract this feeling and declare PEACE!  So I consciously decided to be peaceful – with my family, friends, students, colleagues, my environment and all else I encounter.  This means:

P – Patience – I AM patient. Above all – my students deserve my patience. They are certainly skilled at trying my patience. Nonetheless, they need me to be at my best.

E – Exhale – In brief moments of exasperation I give myself permission to simply breathe and exhale.

A – Adjust – Straighten up that crown! I know my feelings are short-term. So, I’m prepared to quickly recalibrate as needed. I AM Resilient.

C – Care – I think about not only myself but others as well. How can I minister to someone else’s spirit? Helping others always makes me feel better!

E – Enjoy – I AM intentional about being happy and fulfilled.  So I will enjoy the process of turning something seemingly bad into good.

I know the outcome of my day has a lot to do with the choices I make throughout the day; therefore, I choose to walk in peace.

I am wishing you peace and blessings always,


The Challenge

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I accepted The 10-Day Brand Your Brilliance Challenge, by Felicia Davis, expecting to produce something (because I know the caliber of a leader, coach, and strategist she is), but certainly, I did not anticipate rising to the occasion in the manner in which I did.  She exceeds all expectations!  If you want to show up more powerfully as a business owner or corporate leader – Felicia Davis is the one to work with!  Just sayin’…



Life is like chess, not checkers!  Thinking of your next move ahead of time is essential.


I have never been so excited to face a new year!  For some reason, this year brings hope and fulfillment of dreams long deferred.  In 2016 and 2017, I met some phenomenal people (like Felicia Davis) who are on the same wavelength as I am, but are ahead of me on the continuum, yet more than willing to collaborate and support me in sharing my message.

I often say, “I want people to know my heart.” This means, my authentic desire for the growth and empowerment of others – especially women.  I believe in people being able to transform their lives – no matter what they have done or challenges they face.  I believe in resilience – because I am that person that deeply desired to have someone believe in me.

My blogging really slowed down at the end of 2017, but because I was focused on preparing for 2018.  I decided it was more important to focus on my foundation than to dress the windows of my shop.  So, I ended the year accepting the challenge to strengthen my personal brand.

Yesterday, I completed the 10-day challenge feeling victorious!  Although I am a life-long learner, I am READY to execute now more than ever.  The challenge rejuvenated me!  It also made me aware my greatest opportunities for this year.  I am so grateful.

To the woman who is ready for a positive life-shift, and definition of purpose – it would be my pleasure to have a conversation about how you can change it up for the better!  I did it…I know you can too!

Peace and blessings,



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In high school I wanted to be a politician or a lawyer because I sought justice for all people.

As I grew older and began my life journey, I saw those roles differently – in a negative way.  I then decided I wanted to help people be strong internally so they could use their voices and defend themselves.  I wanted to motivate people.

Meanwhile, I needed someone to help me stay on track.  I had so many personal pain points that my dreams of helping others started to dry up like a raisin in the sun as Langston Hughes mentions in his poem.

Langston Hughes’ “Harlem – A Dream Deferred”

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore—

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over—

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Today,  I realize my dream did not explode. It was just put on hold.  

What about you?

My Aunt Joyce

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My last post was on Monday, May 8th.  I was in a good place mentally and physically.  As the week progressed things changed.  This was truly a week that I will never forget.

On Saturday, May 13th, my beloved Aunt Joyce passed away in North Carolina.  Initially, I cried inconsolably.  At this point, I felt as if nothing else mattered.  In an effort to practice what I’ve preached, I worked hard to pull it together. She was my mother’s oldest and only sister.  My mother talked to her daily.  They were finally growing closer than ever after years of reconciling their childhood issues (more mom than Aunt Joyce).

Every moment mattered as I reminisced about the many fruitful conversations over the years with my Aunt.  She never failed to express her pride in all of my achievements.  She often told me there was nothing I couldn’t do if I set my mind to it.  I was like her daughter.  All the things I wanted to hear my mother say – Aunt Joyce said it.  She was an educator who was proud of me for changing careers and becoming a teacher.

I really love my Aunt and can’t believe she is gone…

One Word: THRIVE

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Everywhere I go, it seems I am reminded of the word THRIVE.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, aside from earning you 12 points on a Scrabble™ board, that word means to grow or develop well or vigorously.  The word is also synonymous with: flourish, prosper, boom, blossom, advance, burgeon, and succeed.

When I focus on what I want for others – that word is perfect.

What is better than thriving?

Who doesn’t want to thrive?

Whether I am in the classroom teaching or training/consulting/coaching adults, seeing others thrive is highest on my list of priorities.  Since it is impossible to recognize the positive without awareness of the negative, let’s consider the antonyms: decline and wither.

Are you flourishing or withering?

It all boils down to that question.  If you are flourishing, then your life will bear fruit that makes it evident.  The same can be said about withering.  Your results are tied to the one you feed the most. How you live your life and what you allow to take place in your life is a major factor as to whether or not you flourish or wither.

When I realized that every choice I made daily either lent itself to a positive or a negative outcome, I began to conduct myself in a more intentional manner.  I became more careful and selective.  I gained the strength I needed to overcome situations; and learned how to navigate through tough times.  As time passed I became much more resilient.

Do your daily actions contribute more to flourishing or withering?

Living your life requires a system to balance and prioritize:



home environment

work environment

fun and leisure time

personal growth

friends & family


and your significant other

What would it take to thrive in most or all of these areas of your life?
If you are unsure of how to answer, I would like to assist you. WE can team up to focus on your goals and accomplish more than you would on your own.

I can help  you take more action, think bigger, and get more done by providing  accountability.  I know from experience how to help you earn more money, make better decisions, set the best goals, and restructure your life so that you are thriving beyond anything ever imagined.

For a complimentary 45-minute P3 THRIVE Session, complete this form:

ACEs – The Bright Side

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So, I have taken the ACE Survey and assessed the answers to my 10 questions – now what?

The survey was the first step toward healing in my P3 Journey, because it helped me identify the experiences that took me off course at a critical stage in my life (adolescence).  After completing the survey, I realized that much of what happened to me was at a very early age (with the exception of the molestation).  I also realized that there were many incidences that I no longer recall the specific details.  Yet, at times, I am triggered and act out accordingly.

The Bright Side – RESILIENCE

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, resilience is defined as: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.  Like ACEs, there is a survey (questionnaire) based on resilience research developed by a group of researchers, therapists, pediatricians, and physicians.


Please circle the most accurate answer under each statement:

1.  I believe that my mother loved me when I was little.

Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True

2.  I believe that my father loved me when I was little.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
3.  When I was little, other people helped my mother and father take care of me and they seemed to love me.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
4.   I’ve heard that when I was an infant someone in my family enjoyed playing with me, and I enjoyed it, too.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
5.  When I was a child, there were relatives in my family who made me feel better if I was sad or worried.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
6.   When I was a child, neighbors or my friends’ parents seemed to like me.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
7.  When I was a child, teachers, coaches, youth leaders or ministers were there to help me.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
8.  Someone in my family cared about how I was doing in school.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
9.  My family, neighbors and friends talked often about making our lives better.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
10.  We had rules in our house and were expected to keep them.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
11. When I felt really bad, I could almost always find someone I trusted to talk to.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
12.  As a youth, people noticed that I was capable and could get things done.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
13.  I was independent and a go-getter.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
14.  I believed that life is what you make it.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True


How many of these 14 protective factors did I have as a child and youth? (How many of the 14 were circled “Definitely True” or “Probably True”?)   _______
Of these circled, how many are still true for me? _______


My Score

A real aha moment for me is when I completed this survey.  My score is 0.  It makes sense!  I have always been successful with recovering in times of difficult situations and circumstances.  I am excellent at adapting to change.  In fact, I embrace it.  In my corporate career, I was known as a “change agent”.

That is the bright side of my story.  It is also what has made my life journey so interesting.  More about this later…meanwhile…be sure to complete the resilience questionnaire and reflect on your score.  This is a huge part of your journey towards healing mind, body, and spirit.



What you see is…?

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“It is only when I take a deep breathe and step back that I remind myself to be more aware of what others might be going through.”

I love this post from the Dream Big, Dream Often blog and had to share it!

We’ve all heard the expression ‘What you see is what you get.’ Well, this is not always true. One of the most aggravating things about having MS is hearing people say “you don’t look sick.” As if there is some particular way those living with MS should appear. I guess I missed the memo. What […]

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