My Truth 365_45 – Valentines Day

Although Valentines Day is defined as a time to celebrate your love with a sweetheart, I find it to be a day where love is heightened and an opportunity to be celebrated by all. The positive energy amongst those I encountered today made me giddy and excited. From the time I stepped on the playground…

My Truth 365_44 – Authentic Voice

We live, laugh, love on every level. All of that is fine as long as you have the will to stay the course on a journey toward a better self.

Let Freedom Ring (Reprise)

Originally posted on Timeless Classics:
***** Are you free to read your choice, To opinions give your voice Publicly your thoughts to write? Do it while it’s still your right! Are you free to dress in ways Which your own esthetic please? Take those garments off the shelf Go today dressed as yourself! Are you…

You CAN Be Your Own Inspiration

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Watching television, reading newspaper articles, browsing over inspirational books and listening to motivational speakers are various ways of honing inspiration. Whether it may be something that’s sparks creativity. Or the little push you needed to get out of bed to start the day. Admit it we all need this uplifting…

Forgiveness and Healing

Originally posted on The Life of A Therapist:
One of the hardest things that I had to face as an adult is forgiveness. When I think about how hard it is, I ask myself why it is worth it? The things that we face in life at the hands of others can be painful; however, to…

False Expectations…

There are two popular acronyms for FEAR. One is – False Expectations Appearing Real. The other is Face Everything and RISE! Which one resonates with you more, and why?

Quest for Authenticity

I founded the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop in March 2018 because I wanted to create a safe space for women to authentically express themselves and do the work to experience growth and personal development.