My Truth 365_38 – Good Sleep

Day 2 of 21 – My health and wellness mindfulness when it comes to food issues surprisingly allows me to sleep better. Reducing bad carbs (not all) is certainly making a difference already. I’m not on any specific diet, I’m just more aware and caring about what I consume. I’m also aware of how I…

Forgiveness and Healing

Originally posted on The Life of A Therapist:
One of the hardest things that I had to face as an adult is forgiveness. When I think about how hard it is, I ask myself why it is worth it? The things that we face in life at the hands of others can be painful; however, to…

My Truth 365_20 – Authentic Unity

For years, I felt awkward and out of place in social settings, on the job, and at church. I believed that people did not understand me; especially my close acquaintances. Either I was too intense or aggressive or simply did not fit in. So, I learned to wear masks to fit in and get people…

Day 10 – Detox and the Future

I love myself. It’s 4:11 a.m. and I couldn’t wait to celebrate making it to the 10th day of the detox. It’s obvious, if I made it this far, there’s no reason I can’t fully embrace and maintain a lifestyle change. The future of my health is very promising – because I listened to my…

Day 9 – Detox and Peace

Today, I decided to counteract this feeling and declare PEACE!  So I consciously decided to be peaceful – with my family, friends, students, colleagues, my environment and all else I encounter. 

Day 7 – Detox and Meal Prep

Going forward, I must be a student of proper nutrition and engage in a whole new and improved lifestyle beyond this 10 Day Detox!

Day 6 – Detox and Quinoa

I have a new favorite food! Quinoa is my thing now. I can not believe that it took 53 years to discover this super-food!

Day 4 – Detox and Mindset

I have no sense of being overwhelmed and my mindset is extremely positive and optimistic.  I even find myself decluttering my environment both at work and at home.