"Davina Lyons is a woman of substance that pours into women unbelievably so that they will unleash that Authentic Voice from within!!!"  -Genasha S.
“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” 
-Alice Walker

I AM Davina Lyons –  Educator, Speaker, and Consultant on a lifelong mission to inspire and motivate women to transform their lives by finding and elevating their authentic voice

It may sound harsh or a bit shocking, but MOST people lack authenticity.  Why?  There is a tremendous pressure to conform to someone else’s standards in our society.  It starts when we are children.  Our parents lived under the same pressure if not more intensely due to the societal ills of their times.  It’s a generational pattern.

While we have access to more material luxury and opportunity seems abounding, people are still not walking in their TRUTH.  Many lack the courage to find their authentic voices and advocate for themselves, families and community.  This impacts the decisions they make in every life area.

In a “fake it until you make it” society, people are not only faking it but failing to make it which drives them farther away from their divine destiny.  I know this firsthand because it is MY STORY too.  As a survivor of adverse childhood experiences, I spent years trying to convince people I was a woman of true substance, yet I was riddled with internal strife.  Now, I recognize those patterns in adult women who are still trying to create the life they desire without letting go of the stuff that hinders them.  I call “the stuff” hurts, habits, and hang-ups – which blocks us from showing up authentically.  

Taking the necessary steps toward authenticity require:

  • forgiveness of self and others
  • courage to have tough conversations with people
  • making yourself a priority (health and wellness)
  • getting focused and gaining clarity to stay on your personal path
  • standing up for what you believe in
  • being okay with saying NO
  • showing up and sharing your true gifts, and more…

Why is it necessary to show up authentic in life?

  • You gain clarity which enhances your confidence
  • It illuminates your passion and your path drawing you closer to your divine destiny
  • You are more credible which affords you longer lasting quality relationships
  • Your finances are positively impacted because you have less of a desire to make purchases that “feel” good for the moment until the credit card statement arrives in the mail.
  • You exude an unspoken power and ability to own your space
  • You eat to live not live to eat only consuming authentic healthy foods because you recognize how essential that is to your overall well-being
  • You don’t hang out with toxic people because you realize it immediately and re-direct yourself

I can help you to ELEVATE your AUTHENTIC VOICE in these areas:

  • V – realigning with your core VALUES

  • O – igniting OPPORTUNITY

  • I – trusting your INTUITION

  • C – CHARITY in the form of forgiveness and encouraging others

  • E – getting fully ENGAGED in transforming your life!  Showing up powerfully!

Key Terms (according to Dictionary.com):

elevating – (action/verb) to move or raise to a higher place or position; lift up

authentic – (describing/adjective) not false or copied; genuine; real

voice – (thing/noun) expression in spoken or written words; consideration of one’s desires, opinions, will, or choice

“Davina Lyons is a woman of substance that pours into women unbelievably so that they will unleash that Authentic Voice from within!!!”  –Genasha S.

If you are ready to level-up in life, remove the mask, and step into the room “real” with no concern for what others think, it’s time to elevate your authentic VOICE!  I personally know the joy of walking in my TRUTH.  I am attracting some amazing people and making the best decisions in my life.  I trust that the RESULTS  I get now are genuine and tailor-made for me on MY path to PURPOSE!

Peace and blessings,


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    Finally, here’s a blog I thought you may find interesting:
    The Ripple Effect of Blogging

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