It’s year 3, and I am upping the level of commitment to the women I serve by focusing on building a caring, accountable community.

As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, educator, and personal coach who has overcome a lot of hardships: childhood trauma, multiple miscarriages, abusive relationships, and unfulfilling careers, there is something I know for certain; those terrible things DO NOT define my life. Despite what I have been through, I have always had the belief that I was created for a greater purpose and that my life mattered.

I am Davina Lyons, the founder of TRIBE Authentic Woman (TAW) – a safe community for women to do the work of self-discovery, redefining themselves, and elevating their personal living standards. I also facilitate a two-hour monthly workshop in addition to managing a private Facebook community intended to provide a safe space for women to collectively do the work of transforming into their best selves.

If you read my story in the Lemonade Stand from Sour to Sweet Inspiring Women’s Stories of Strength and Success, by Michelle Faust, you would know that I turned a lot of lemons into lemonade. I persevered to overcome many setbacks which got me to the point of being able to extend a hand to women on the same path.

For me, it was not enough to just be resilient and courageous, but I desired to coach other women to do the same. In fact, I believe that it is my life’s purpose to serve women in that capacity. I also believe the problem today is women are not in touch with their authentic selves due to so many self-compromising behaviors that result in wearing a metaphorical mask just to survive.

I predict that women eventually burn out from compromising who they authentically are. This causes emotional breakdowns, health problems, failed careers, poor relationships, and for some even more dire circumstances. I recommend that women find and align themselves with a tribe to get the support needed to strengthen their position and identify core personal values.

Taking the TAW workshop online is making it more accessible for those women. It is my mission to encourage women to broaden their perspectives by removing their masks to show up more courageous and confident in all areas of their lives. It’s impossible to do it alone – the accountability of a caring community means everything.

Introducing the Authentic ME! Community

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