Death to New Year’s Resolutions

As the unprecedented year of 2020 has ended, you were eagerly awaiting a fresh start in 2021: less motivation to make New Year’s resolutions, just heavy sighs and gratitude for a fresh start. But, unfortunately, everyone I asked around me if they would resolve for the new year said NO!

Ironically, a resolution is when a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior. Doing so will allow them to accomplish a personal goal or improve their lives. Yet, it is one of the most failed things attempted on the planet.

Just because you ‘say’ you want to do something doesn’t mean it will happen. There is so much more to it! The devil might be in the details, but you can’t avoid those details. This means confronting all aspects of your goals. The parts you like as well as those that challenge you.

You Must Execute Your Plans

The most famous example I can think of is “losing weight and getting into shape.” The number of people worldwide who have that ambition in January every year is infinite. Yet, by March, it is dismal. Why? Usually, people have valid excuses.

Life got in the way. Things happened. Focus shifted, and so on…

They can’t remember the details if you ask how motivated they were to keep at it. I figured this out for myself after countless times making a personal commitment publicly to do something and, after a while failing to keep it up.

There is no elevator to success; you must take the stairs.

It takes motivation to stay the course. It doesn’t matter how well you mean; if you aren’t bought into the entire process, it will fizzle out. Some parts of the process may be challenging. Typically, that is where the goal starts to pull apart at the seams without you noticing. Those seams are your habits.

Tiny Habits Lead to Big Goal Achievement

We do the most when we are motivated. Taking the time to discover when you are at your highest level of motivation is essential. It is at that point that you will be the most productive. Unfortunately, resolutions do not take that into account. Instead, you say to yourself and the world on social media, “I’m going to do this thing that I have always wanted to do.” You have the best intentions and a good plan, but there is one key point to consider. How motivated are you, and what habits are required to maintain the course to completion?

The How…

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