NOW is the perfect time to pivot toward that which allows your MIND, HEART, and ACTIONS to LINE UP!

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I believe we see outwardly how we feel inwardly. Once you do the work to change how you feel inside, your environment, the people you associate with, the choices you make, the opportunities you are presented with , and so much more begins to change for the positive.  After years of desiring a better life, I decided to turn the lens inward and work on what I did not like about what I was seeing and experiencing outwardly.  After a while, I grew to not only be a better person, but to live a better life.

I welcome and encourage you to do the same.  The difference is, I did not have THIS community.  For you, I wish to collapse time and provide a safe space to evolve within to:

  • Appreciate your uniqueness and how it distinguishes you from everyone else.
  • Build better relationships by understanding your personality traits and that of others.
  • Proactively monitor and manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
  • Purposefully and positively shape your decisions and actions.
  • Eliminate harmful or false beliefs that shape your state of being.
  • Improve your decision-making.
  • Gain the skills to motivate yourself forward. (Finish what you start).
  • Reveal your authentic self, inspire action, and create positive outcomes.

“To be authentic, we must cultivate the courage to be imperfect — and vulnerable." ~ Brené Brown

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Here’s how the Authentic ME! Membership can change your life

I created the Authentic ME! Community & Membership to help you live your best authentic life and reach your highest potential — so you can feel connected, supported, and inspired every day. This community is necessary to help you let go of the strongholds in your life that are not serving you well.  Instead, get you on a path to a life that you justly deserve.

Each month I deliver a FREE Workshop that includes the activities below to promote a deeper awareness of yourself and to build resiliency for when challenges arise – which they will.  

Check out the features of the FREE Authentic ME! Workshop activities and if it feels like something you need in your life – Join US!  

Set your Intention through Grounding Meditation

We begin each of the Authentic ME! Workshops with a guided meditation to ground our body, clear our minds of the to-do list or concerns, and settle any anxious energy. Doing so will support you in setting your intention for the workshop focusing on the present and supporting you to feel more balanced and aware.  

Accessing Your Creative Brain through Writing & Drawing

Your creative brain leads you to discover new and better ways to manage the complexities that life throws your way. By developing your creative brain you become more adaptable. You will prime your brain to discover, innovate, and produce more. In this workshop you will be given short writing and drawing exercises – we recommend you have either a journal or at least 52 pages of loose-leaf printer paper and a set of markers so you can participate in thought-provoking exercises in real-time.

Community Connection through Breakout Sessions

Connection is the experience of oneness. It’s having shared experiences, relatable feelings, or similar ideas. Social connection can lower anxiety and depression, help to regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and improve our immune systems. In this workshop we utilize breakout sessions – this is where 2 or more members are placed in a virtual ZOOM conference room for ~5 to 10 minutes to discuss what they are learning and experiencing.

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