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I haven’t always been consistent in my blog posting ( because often I over-analyzed my thoughts and could not get my feelings clear enough to sit down and blog. I struggled to find my own authentic voice. I was always looking at others trying to replicate their success. I worried too much about what others thought of me or whether or not they could really see my heartfelt desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

I was so consumed with the “how” that I forgot my “why”. When I read Evan Carmichael’s book, Your One Word: The Powerful Secret to Creating a Business and Life that Matter, I realized that there was a force driving me that I had not identified. As I read and worked through this amazing book and listened to the audio repeatedly, I believed that my one word was “thrive “.

I want people to thrive!

Why? Because I wanted to thrive. We teach best what we need to learn. I continued to work through this notion until I realized that the only way people thrive is when they are living on their terms. Personally, whenever I was involved with something that ignited my passion, I put 100% effort forward. If there was the slightest disagreement with my spirit, I would either fight to have others see it my way or slack off and not care.

This past year, I re-read Evan’s book. This time, my one word became “authentic”. The #metoo movement made me realize just how many women compromised themselves to achieve or maintain a certain status. Not only that, but it made me think of how I was made to feel in corporate settings during my career when I did not agree with tactics used to “improve the bottom line.”

I founded the TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop in March 2018 because I wanted to create a safe space for women to authentically express themselves and do the work to experience growth and personal development. All the while, I was putting in work to improve my life. I transitioned from blaming my past for my present to owning my life and that which makes me authentically happy and fulfilled. No excuses.

The TRIBE workshops have allowed me to see that many of us are struggling with living authentically. It requires operating from our personal core values – for some, this still needs to be identified.
I had to ask myself these essential questions:

Answering these questions and others allowed me to re-calibrate. My entire outlook and mindset shifted in a much more positive way. People that I once looked upon as having it all together and placed on a pedestal, while minimizing my own life contributions, became significant in a different way. They are not for me to emulate but simply to appreciate what they bring to the table while respecting what I bring as well. Simply stated – I am alright with ME. I have grown tremendously and plan to continue while serving others.

When I look back at prior year’s posts, I realize that the underlying theme has been a quest for authenticity. I have been searching for my authentic voice and trying to inspire others to find and use theirs. The revelation I now own is that I am unable to do the work by walking it out for others, I can only light up a path while walking it out for myself.

My blog is not steeped in academic research-based information or sales rhetoric driving a call-to-action. It’s just me – periodically expressing my feelings. Yes, when my book is completed, I will want you to purchase and read it. When I speak at an event or facilitate a workshop, I would be delighted and honored if you attend. Meanwhile, I will keep blogging, writing, speaking, teaching, and doing whatever it takes to light up the path.