“I and all the participants are grateful to you for your talk on authenticity and deep identity/vulnerability concepts. Thank you for being our first in-person speaker in 18 months. You will always hold a special place in our chapter’s history for that, but especially for your wisdom and heart.” – 2021 ICF AZ Chapter President Andrea Sholer

Authentic Voice

Davina has 30+ years of experience as a Corporate Leader, Public School Educator, Small Business Owner, and Resiliency & Authenticity Coach. At the age of 13, Davina became an award-winning orator and is an accomplished speaker on a variety of personal and professional development topics.

Consistently showing up as a vocal champion for the self-empowerment of women, teens, and young adults!

Research indicates…

95% of all people think they are self-aware when 12–15% truly are.

85–90% of people do not see themselves clearly or are in denial.

Source: https://leaderchat.org/2019/02/01/the-importance-of-self-awareness-with-tasha-eurich/

It’s time to VIEW WHO YOU ARE from a


Davina leverages the Strength of Story® to connect audiences to mindset shifts and actionable skills to lead an Authentically self-aware life.

Davina's Featured Talks

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging
How intrinsic biases work for or against us in our personal and professional life and how to manage them.

Psychological Safety

How to drive stronger employee engagement and results by fostering trust, collaboration, and innovation across an organization.

Living Purposefully

How to accelerate your results by creating a purpose-driven life.

Motivation & Micro-Habits

Strengthening and rewiring the brain to maximize your potential.

Belief Systems

The positive and negative effects of what we believe about ourselves.

Personality & Relationships

What makes people behave the way they do and how to enrich your relationships?

Power of Values

How knowing your values can shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions into alignment.

Deep Identity

How generational and historical trauma impacts family, community, and society?

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