My Truth 365_44 – Authentic Voice

We live, laugh, love on every level. All of that is fine as long as you have the will to stay the course on a journey toward a better self.

No Longer See (Reprise)

Originally posted on Timeless Classics:
***** Sweetie, you’re concerned That you might not be keeping pace With all those ads and sitcoms — All your consciousness is in your face You worry that your lipstick Might not be the latest shade To go with other features So painstaking up you’ve made And truly when it’s…

Let Freedom Ring (Reprise)

Originally posted on Timeless Classics:
***** Are you free to read your choice, To opinions give your voice Publicly your thoughts to write? Do it while it’s still your right! Are you free to dress in ways Which your own esthetic please? Take those garments off the shelf Go today dressed as yourself! Are you…

Authenticity Test

It’s time to see just how authentic you are! Take this brief test. Have fun with it!

My Truth 365_10 – It’s a Choice

No disrespect intended towards either of the two women that I greatly respect, but I need to modify that statement to say, “…when you know better, you need to make better choices.”